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  1. Okay I have no clue on this, but I'm pretty sure what you are saying here is basically how I feel x.x
  2. Just... got a heavy dose of confusion and brainhurt x.x Smaller words and simpler sentences please? It's not easy for me to eliminate doubt as it is for others, I've got a strange upbringing thats caused me to doubt most things even when proven true. The basic principle I'm getting behind all this is that to not doubt means that I have to acknowledge that I am doubting, but I know I'm doubting, I just don't know how to dispel it.
  3. To the surprise thing, its confusing because I'm not sure if it would be me surprising myself because I'd want too much for it to be my Tulpa and then skepticism sets in and the whole process just falls apart. I question too much. Is it possible that I am not able to create/have a Tulpa because of my mindset?
  4. Alright. So can either of you give me some links to some imposition guides that could help me with this? You know, multiple guides that I can maybe take parts from and use to help with what I am trying to do.
  5. I know Imposition is not necessary, I'm just thinking it might would work better for me and was seeing if anyone else had tried working on imposition first and then going into personality and such. I'm not doing it for laughs, but in hopes it might actually help me start talking with my tulpa. I have no clue what you are talking about when it comes to doubt .3. Well the reason I bring up the fan is from what I've heard meditation is usually the way to go when active forcing so when I active force I try to meditate and I thought the fan might disrupt that. I probably should have mentioned that heh, my bad ^.^"
  6. Okay so first I'm going to describe a probelm I'm having and then the question that will hopefully get me an answer to solve it heh. So I've been working over a year on my Tulpa and I am not really feeling anything or I think I feel something and then doubt. Yes the tulpakiller, doubt rears its head. Generally I'm skeptical of most things, hence why I'm not very religious and such. Now I feel like I'm subconsciously doubting the existence of my tulpa. See consciously I believe in Tulpa and I've been trying hard to breathe life into mine and yet it feels like I'm just wasting time because I'm doubting all the time. I'm actually going to end up asking a few questions out of this. First, how can I stop this constant doubt? This subconscious doubting and don't say "Just stop doubting herp derp." I'm tired of hearing that, it isn't easy to 'just stop doubting' When you're as skeptical as me of just about anything, yeah its hard to not doubt until I see the facts. So how do I stop? Now my second question kind of builds off the last one as I said I doubt until I see the facts. I'm a very visual person. When I'm taught something I can't just read out of a book, I need someone to show me or at least see pictures of whatever it is being done. So could I work on say... imposition first of my Tulpa's form even if its a cloud for example and then work on personality and such? I'm kind of picturing this like the art of necromancy. Bringing a corpse to life in a way (I know kinda morbid, but I'm not wrong am I?) Restoring or bringing a spirit (In this case the thoughtform) into it's 'body' Though the body wouldn't be a real body it would be imposed on my sight. I hope this is making sense. So basically, could I do imposition first, create the form to where I can 'see' it, and then work on breathing life into my Tulpa or would that not work? If so, can you tell/teach me how to impose? or at least give me some methods editted to work with this way of tulpa creation? I recognize there is a lot of symbolism here and that might be what I need. I'm getting a bit desperate with trying to get my Tulpa to live. Now I may be doing something wrong in the active forcing as well... I usually active force before I sleep, should I not do that? Also, I usually have a fan on in my room because it gets waaay too hot if I don't have it on, could the sound of the fan be interrupting any connections I might be trying to make with my Tulpa? Thank you for reading and for any help you may offer.
  7. Its okay, sorry I got a little hostile myself ^.^" Long day, humans are frustrating especially when you're related to them .3.
  8. -shrugs- I'm just asking, no need to be hostile. I believe the question was also to Kuhaku.
  9. I know this is off topic, but I have to ask. Your tulpa is named Shiro. Shiro as in Deadman Wonderland, the anime?
  10. I can be a tester if anything. I mean I don't have any good programs, don't know much about hypnosis stuff, I have a rough voice, and people tend to not like stories I write : ( or I run into a writer's block and forget about the story by accident.
  11. I'd help if I could but I honestly don't see anything I could help with.
  12. Okay .3. would this apply to forcing my Tulpa's form?
  13. I have an awkward question that relates to drawing your Tulpae. Say they are a humanoid creature, do you guys/girls generally draw everything anatomically correct? Male/Female parts basically.
  14. Lol Morgan Freeman plays god in everything, even real life XD
  15. Main reason I drew on my hands is because I do a lot of writing every day so I see the back of my hands quite often XD If you're a student like me anyhow.
  16. People have told me to get a Tulpa bracelet. Basically some sort of small item that you will notice throughout the day that will remind you of your Tulpa. I drew an S for "Shayleigh" (My Tulpa's name) to remind me to passive force with her. A big S on both of my hands. Front and back.
  17. I'm wondering if there are any ways to make my Tulpa more Vocal/louder/etc. Speak more, be louder, and anything else that might help me establish better comms with my Tulpa. Any ideas? Also on the topic of Vocality, Tulpae usually use your mindvoice when first speaking to you or so I've heard. If that is true, could you speak in a different mindvoice to sort of differentiate between both of your voices. Example: If I started speaking like Morgan Freeman in my head, would my Tulpa still speak in my regular mindvoice or would she switch to Morgan Freeman mindvoice too? Could this work?
  18. I love Celtic Music. And thanks for the ideas .3. Just curious, would you be willing to share your experiences in creation? Both Tulpamancer and Tulpa? : ) (I want to know how I'm doing with Shayleigh [Her choice of name .3.])
  19. Okay so I am an art oriented person and I am wondering if drawing my Tulpa is just as good as active/passive forcing. Is it and would I be able to use this as a replacement? Like I'd still talk with her and stuff, It's just it is hard for me to sit down and meditate and much easier for me to sit down and draw. Also is there any way I can implement some of the awesome instrumental music, rock music, etc. any kind of music really into my Tulpaforcing sessions besides just using classical?
  20. The actual body, not so much the organs. The only reason why bodies decay is because the cells are dead. When someone is alive their cells reproduce, dead and all cellwork dies with em.
  21. Ah okay, crystal clear now : D (No sarcasm) I really mean it ^.^"
  22. I think Im understanding what you mean, but its kind of confusing too. x.x
  23. Curse you hubert Farnsworth. I did read it in your voice XD
  24. Now I've brought this up multiple times and sadly I'm still having problems -facepalm- Sorry again. I still have problems with identifying my tulpa's voice. Like I'll ask a question, but I'm not sure if its me responding or my Tulpa and I'm pretty sure its her using my mindvoice, but the doubt is still there. Can I somehow get her to have a different mindvoice then mine right off the bat? Because I think our progress may be hindered by this little snag. Also, I have very intrusive/distracting thoughts and find it hard to focus, even with a half hour pre meditation. Any help on getting rid of distracting/intrusive thoughts? Also meditation problems I am having. When I start trying to meditate I get distracted by my body. For example, my ear my start itching, or my feet might feel cold, or saliva collects in the back of my throat and I have to swallow and that just totally breaks my concentration (This one in particular) Any tips on how to stop these minor irritants? (In particular the saliva one) And basically anything else that can help me single out my Tulpa's presence from my own. So I know that that is her and that this is me. Basically a border where I know one part is her and the other is me. I know we're supposed to be together, but once I can differentiate between her and me I think a lot of progress will be made. : ) Can some of you share your experiences, like in detail of how your mind was working, symbolism involved (If any, hopefully), and how everything felt, etc.?