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    Hey, my name is Clemens or just Clex for friends. I'm training for the bar brothers, and am meditating on a regular basis. I'm a lucid dreamer and I have a lot of weird hobbies, for example unicycling, juggling and learning the german shorthand. Thoguh I'm not as experienced as the older members, I'd gladly answer any question someone might have for me.
  1. Here, maybe you'll find that to be helpful, Dav. We are just- > Me, Mina, < me, Grelle, and me, the host. I've played with the thought of creating other headmates as well, though. Soulbond... I'm not sure on this one. I know it as that moment a character of an author becomes sentient, almost like a tupper, just through another method.
  2. @Reisen Ok, that's impressive. I honestly can't do that. About once a week I almost manage to break something in my room because I trip over something in the dark. (Sometimes even my own feet.) I once did a two week experiment where I wore a blindfold all the time and don't remember exactly how often I almost broke my neck (there is a flight of stairs next to my room), but it definetely was quite the experience. Long story short, it could be useful for people who don't have that good of an indirect memory. And to the last part, that's why I assumed that imposition skills on a high level would be required.
  3. Thanks a lot guys! @sushi Yeah, I think I even read that article once, and it is what I was searching for to some extend^^
  4. Hey guys. I was wondering about something: Let's say I'm really good at Visualisation and Imposition, would it then be possible to expand my reality? I don't really know how to explain... maybe like this: I'd recreate my dorm in my wonderland. Perfectly accurate, details and all. At night, my dorm in real life would be completely dark, I couldn't see a thing. Or I'd just close my eyes. Now, could I just use the copy of my dorm in my wonderland? I'd walk around in my wonderland while I also move in real life. And if I'd have forced objects, for example juggling balls, could I impose them on reality? I hope my question was clear enough, and I'm also pretty sure the second part was asked already, but still, it somehow correlates with my first question. Thanks for all answers, Maru.
  5. I have a fully imposed monkey tail by now. It took me quite some time and the only thing I can say on that matter is training, training and then even more training. I visualized my tail almost always. And I tried to -feel- it. You know, every time it would have touched something, I imagined how it would feel. After some weeks that process became automatic, and after I -felt- the tail, I was able to visualize it way easier. Good luck with your ears, Marethyu.
  6. At first, thanks for the answers. Has anyone any idea if doublethinking really works? I didn't find a thing about how to achieve it, so are there tutorials somewhere? Or has anyone here an idea on how to do that? -Maru
  7. Hey guys!^^ I wonder if anyone of you ever read "The Kingkiller Chronicles" by Pat Rothfuss? In the first book a special thinking method is mentioned, called "Alar", or "riding-crop belief". To put it short, it means to believe in something fully. For example, if I'd throw a stone in the air, I would have to believe that the stone will keep floating upwards. I'd have to believe in it as much as I believed that it would fall down. And then something was mentioned, along the lines of: "And now, believe that the stone falls down, and that it floats upwards." Later on we get to know that Kvothe, the protagonist managed to do that. One part of his mind believed that the stone would float, the other part believed that the stone would fall down. Do you guys think it'd be possible to do that? It sounds like one of the perks of having a tupper: the dual processing part. Just without actually having a tupper. -Maru
  8. Marethyu


    Just keep trying. You didn't lost him/her, you just feel a little unsure. That's something that probalbly everyone of us had at some point. Just keep forcing. It took me quite a bit of time before I felt a little hint of another presence, so I guess that it is a good sign that you felt it so quickly. Don't let yourself be discouraged, it'll work out fine, I'm sure of it.
  9. In our main wonderland we just use home technology: TV, laptop, and some lights, as well as a kitchen. All modern day stuff. In our adventure wonderlands cyberpunk, steampunk, and even clockwork. Magic is used in all our wonderlands, without any limitations.
  10. So, if I would have an IQ about... dunno, let's say 156, that would make my tupper a genius?
  11. I don't really believe in the 10 (or in that case 20) percent myth, although the theories about its origin are interesting. I just think that some parts of the brain don't work too well with others. Nah, that sounded kinda wrong... Like, very creative people use the right side of their brain more, and very analytical people the left side. (I think it was this way around, if not feel free to correct me.) If one would use both sides equally however, it would increase, if not the intelligence, then at least the memory. And I think tuppers are able to have some influence on that. Even just the creation part. So if one would use the capability of memorizing things as a definition for intelligence (and way too much people do so, I guess), then a tupper would be able to make a person smarter, to let it use more parts of the brain equally efficient. So yeah, that was what I meant. If a tupper makes it host smarter, then it also increases his/her own intelligence. Hope what I said makes sense, Maru.
  12. I know that it was a movie. "Ever seen the movie "Limitless"?". The plot has nothing to do with tuppers, and I know that there isn't a drug that can boost intelligence. That was just meant to be a comparison. And I'm also aware that a tupper can't go beyond ones own borders, but still, I think even the permission to enter the hosts subconscious can really help. And I'm not as naive as you maybe think, that's why I posted the second part with mnemonics. -Maru^^
  13. Could you define that a bit more? Theoretically, a tupper can, if you give him or her the permission to do so, take information from your subconscious. With some training that should work pretty well. Ever seen the movie "Limitless"? The part where he helps that girl with her exam or whatever, that was the power of his subconscious. That (the permission) together with some mnemonics could help not only your tupper, but also you to become more intelligent. (And if I may say that, I guess that an alternative wonderland could help; a memory palace, look it up, good stuff.) With best wishes for you and your tupper, Maru.