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  1. thanks a lot guys, and thanks joshua, i really appreciate that advice. i'll get back to you all in a few weeks, let you know how it goes.
  2. a release date for fallout 4 would be like a blessing... and yes, i've kind of given up on guides now... i was also doing really well yesterday, did a lot of active-forcing, etc... but today... just haven't done anything. is it a problem if it's not a daily routine?
  3. Thanks a lot for that, I'll start passive forcing now, then hopefully she'll start to speak. I'll just have to be patient I s'pose.
  4. The thing is, I haven't actually given my tulpa a voice yet. She communicates with visual interaction and facial expressions. Is this a common problem? She just doesn't want to speak. I'd definitely feel more comfortable knowing if this is just a temporary problem, something a tulpa gradually picks up along the way.
  5. Oh right, cool. I'll check it out. And yes, this chit-chatting only further shows the depths of my concentration levels :s
  6. That's why I don't usually judge by join date. That's cool though, you didn't rush into it (like me), muahaha. Did you say you make video games?
  7. Three days? Wow, some people just have all the luck. Haha, but no, that is impressive. I'll take it a bit more easy from now on, most definitely. Thank you.
  8. Ah, ok, I'm starting to get the general gist of it now. I'll try to relax a bit more on my next approach. Oh, and just out of curiosity, how long did it take you to develop a strong connection with your tulpa? I've read online guides that say it takes some people months, sometimes even longer. I'd imagine the duration would be different for different people, of course. Aha, the thing is, I was completely focused on where the finish line was, but I get it now. I suppose this is a project that will always require improvement. I'll definitely try to combine narration with visualization next time, try things simultaneously; maybe that will stop things from getting too tedious. Thanks.
  9. I can't seem to find the motivation to carry on with my tulpa's creation process and I've been working on her for about 2 weeks now. I had initially started the process while I was on holiday (I spent the majority of it locked in my room, so I thought it was a better time than any) and since I've come back I've been distracted by many things. It's annoying because I literally promised to myself to make sure I finish this project. I tried once before and it just didn't work out, however, I really want to go ahead with this tulpa. I'm not sure what order most of you guys went with, but I've started out with Visualization. It has been a relatively easy exercise as I've found time to picture her in my head while multi-tasking. However, I wanted to do Imposition next (with Personality and Narration coming afterwards) and my mind just keeps switching off. Responses will be much appreciated, thanks.
  10. interesting concept. however, if a tulpa displays a differing sexual orientation, then surely the host must be bi-curious to some extent, right? either that or you're very comfortable with your sexuality. anyway, since my tulpa's prepubescent, she doesn't have a sexual orientation, or at least not an acknowledgement on sexuality. i find it works better for the both of us that way.
  11. *pokes head out of the ground* that's a frisbee? I thought it was a brain... oh well.
  12. well, I knew that if I got into a tulpa relationship, I would commit to it. I would exclude all other relationships outside. that's the reason i'm not in a relationship with my tulpa. it's asking for trouble. as for your friend, can't she just be friends with her tulpa? being in a relationship isn't the only cure for loneliness.
  13. braiiiin- wait, what? that's a bummer. what the hell am i supposed to do? do zombies have anything else to accomplish? ah, heck. *crawls back into the ground*
  14. *turns into a zombie* ...braiiiiiins...
  15. Thank you both for the inputs. I will try those things.