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    A self-proclaimed psychonaught I experiment with certain brain functions, currently all I have is the ability to make myself completely aware allowing me to absorb a lot of information.

    I had an idea of making up a character then somehow through habit get it to think for itself and finally enough so I can see it. That's when I found this place and started to create a tulpa.

    I'm still in the early stages though.

    That's all that shall be revealed as of now.
  1. It in fact is. Which makes the scene where they split so much more sad and sweet.
  2. Yes. Not the actual cat but you will perceive speech for your cat instead and a create complex personality more so than the average pet. My friend unknowingly created a tupla that is his cat. He talks to it in a way that sounds like half a conversation. So yes you can make it gain "sentience" but it won't be the actual cat rather your perception of the cat.
  3. Thank you. I think the story itself has been deleted but I might just write it again.
  4. I think we should have a creative writing section that are tulpa based. I had a story that I wrote part of once, before I found out about tulpae. It turns out it was about that. It was about this guy in his teens that lived in a volatile family life. He would often go to a place that was hidden off behind the shed. He would sit there and day dream or listen to music, it was small so all he could do was sit or stand or maybe jump up and down. He would daydream about places and things wishing there was someone that would listen when he hears a voice from over the fence. He found out she was the girl next door and they begin talking. He would go to the shed more often just to talk with her as she listens and encourages him to be more outgoing. He suddenly starts to get better grades as they study with each other from over the fence. He wants to know who she is in his class but she refuses to say. He begins to gain more friends and become happier with his life. Eventually he's one of the most liked people in his school and he get's tired of not seeing her he peeks over the fence to find there's no one and that the girl had been an imaginary friend he created in his time of need. He doesn't feel sad about this but happy that her voice will always be with him and now she talks to him helping him through every rough patch in his life. And he grows up to be just the greatest guy, the end. I'd love to have somewhere where I can read stories that people have written about tulpa.
  5. EDIT: Is there a spoiler tag or something that can make these images smaller? This time I spent more than 10 minutes on the drawing and actually used up a quarter of the page size this time. Oh and this guy came along out of nowhere he might look all cool and calm but really it's only when he plays jazz the rest of the time this guy is the biggest drama queen. I'm not kidding it's like he's comprised of random phrases from sitcoms and impressions.
  6. DoctorSprocket


    That face is excellent, great job. I can see though you tried to add teeth coming out of his lips or something, many people do that. I suggest letting his mouth close properly instead of having teeth sticking out, it'll look awkward later plus when he parts his lips the teeth will be visible anyway. The same effect can just be achieved when he has a relaxed face, we tend to not keep our lips together when relaxing our face properly. However everything else is just perfect. It was just the drawing was really good and then I saw the lips made a little cartoony by the teeth and I kind of lost the feel of the character for a bit.
  7. That sounds like a great idea. But I think I would have to do it when I'n further along because right now I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing or what's going on and to be honest I would rather focus on creation before I make a comic. Then I can look back retrospectively with a clearer mind. Also, I think I would keep it separate from the story, because I don't want the beginning to seem boring to people. Instead I'd have it go one of two ways. 1: -Discovery -Time skip -Imposed and interacting (Followed by a short questionnaire to give people who might have just discovered it a short understanding of what it is) 2: -Discovery (With initial information) -Quick Montage of process -Imposed and interacting -- On the side I would have a more detailed process in comic form for people who are interested. -- I can't tell you what kind of comic it will be, only that it will be a journal so for the most part what happens is what will be drawn, with the exception of certain things that aren't too relevant.
  8. Enough with the pokemanz comic. I was nostalgic when coming up with that, the one that lead to it and the one I'm really serious about is the comic journal. I just had an idea to document having a tulpa in comic form then I remembered someone singing the pokemon soundtrack, I got excited out of sheer nostalgia and wrote that idea down. But still the idea I'm going with is the journal because I find the concept of that kind of comic to be interesting. Why is everyone ignoring that one? On the bright side, I think I may be onto something. I might be working towards proving that stupid ideas gather the most attention.
  9. Maybe I should do the pokemans one instead? Since that seems to gather all the attention rather than my comic journal idea.
  10. No special powers, everything superhuman she can do will be done by gadgets that I shall give her.
  11. What I plan to get out of this is An assistant Information about my own mind A companion on all my journeys Experimentation with possession and anything else that comes to mind enhanced cognitive function (hopefully from having a second opinion)
  12. Or get them to play funny extras in movies or shows. Imagine you're tulpa in an episode of game of thrones yelling "AWWW HELL NO! LET'S THROWN DOWN MOTHERFUCKER!" from behind Tyrion Lanister when someone makes a sly comment.