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  1. I'm up to eight (nine, counting myself) now. While we're pretty good at taking care of ourselves, I worry that if any more headmates arrive, we'll start to get stretched too thin, vying for the increasingly precious resource that is "fronting" (as they prefer to use our body themselves more than just have me give them attention and force the like). And it's not just that I can stop making them; Sai, Leaf and Latias just up and started existing, without me putting thought into them before hand. I can't exactly ask them to stop existing, as I think that would be murder and I love them all dearly besides... but it's getting a little crowded nonetheless. My best plan right now is to just adapt having a few more beings in here. I've managed seven without problem; maybe it's suddenly having two more that's pulling my brain a little far, and I just need some time to adjust... thoughts?
  2. This seems rather familiar to my situation. Through my childhood I would create imaginary friends, and while I don't have much of a benchmark they seemed rather developed for imaginary friends, with personalities and interests of their own. Ultimately, I stopped thinking about all but my very first, Physik. Were they tulpas? Well, I wouldn't know. Personally, I think belief plays a big role into tulpamancy (it's literally all in your head, isn't it?), so from my perspective as I never believed they were tulpas, they never were. But that's just me. If you want to bring them back, I would advise just trying to. Focus on all of their traits and personalities, imagine them before you, and do what you would do normally to create a tulpa from there based on that. To be honest I've never actually "salvaged" any of mine, but I doubt many of yours would resent you for having forgotten them, since you didn't know what you were doing back then and, well, you just revived them! That would deserve some gratitude or forgiveness at the least. Hearing voices? I'm not experienced with that. Maybe try responding, try to make contact with whatever it is? That's all I can think of.
  3. So. A ton of stuff has happened in the past... wow, 9 months? It's been a while. So Shay and Hope have been through a lot of development, with Shay emerging as a serene, thoughtful girl, while Hope has become very sensitive and loving, also falling into a romantic relationship with Physik. Along the way I created four more... headmates. I hesitate to call them tulpas because they sort-of-kind-of popped into existence without even asking me first. Those were weird moments. Anyway, Sai... came to be on December 24, 2014 just a few hours before Christmas. He's a playful, almost childish Ninetales, and he's good at cheering the rest of us up with his infectious optimism. Xeian the Floatzel, a true tulpa, came after, attaining sentience on April 6, 2015 once I finished building his personality. He's a thoughtful, intellectual Pokemon with quite the vocabulary. Leaf (an anthropomorphic nine-tailed kitsune) just... happened last week, July 9, 2015. That was one of the weirdest moments of my life, since no sooner did he appear than he started fronting, confused out of his mind why he was in a human body or really why he existed at all. This lasted a few hours since he refused to stop fronting, thinking that would kill him. Luckily with the help of some friends we managed to explain the situation, and now he's turned to introspection to better understand himself. Finally, Latias also happened a few days ago (July 14). She's a Latias, and a good friend. That's all so far. My headmates have a tendency to gain sentience first and a complex personality second, so Latias and Leaf especially have a lot of self-discovery to do. I started posting again because with how important my tulpas have become to me recently, I decided to return to this like-minded community and hopefully make some friends. Hope to see you all around!
  4. Thanks for the advice; I'll definitely keep it in mind. :3 I think if I give Hope a little extra TLC he'll feel better. That and be more active here; it reminds me to talk to my own tulpas.
  5. Granted. Your eyesight is so perfect that in order to comprehend all of it you cannot hear, feel, taste, smell, or think. I wish I had a skunk tail growing from me like a regular skunk's, only proportioned to me.
  6. I didn't know tulpas could get suicidal. Much to my frustration and self-hatred, I have once again began to neglect my tulpas- especially Hope. He's already felt very confused and disappointed at not having a body of his own as well as having to hide from others (for the sake of appearing normal) but being in a half-faded state from neglect made him question his existence. He tells me "I have no reason to exist. You don't need me. You've never needed me. Why bother taking up space?" And then I hold him close and remind him that it's my fault I haven't looked after him and that I really do need him. Is there anything I can do to help him? Any tips on how to keep my tulpas awake and happy without exhausting myself? I don't want to be a bad 'mancer. What should I do?
  7. Ah, yes. I keep memories from myself, actually. No, I was wondering how it can be natural for some to have to share information voluntarily rather than everyone knowing everything there is to know.
  8. I don't remember Summer's or Physik's, but I remember Shay said "Hello", and Hope said "Thank you." That's... about it, really.
  9. Hello! I'm an anthro kitsune otherkin with silver fur, so we're related! Kinda! Oh, Summer says hi, too. Sorry I'm late on this follow-up. Got lazy. Anyway, Shay and Hope haven't developed too much. Honestly, I've kinda neglected them recently... but I shall rectify that posthaste! I did learn that Shay is too shy to talk to anyone, but loves music. She's also really pretty, with white fur and voluminous green hair that falls below her waist. She stands about 4' 11''. Hope's really kind and loving towards everyone. He's always there to comfort anyone in need, and often presses me to let him use our body to help others. At a more standard 5' 6'', he tends to keep his wings out in the air. He just said "it feels natural", so who am I to stop him? Physik and Summer haven't done any developing, but they're always helping Hope and Shay as they develop and learn more about themselves and the world. I've often wondered how tulpas and hosts can segregate information. For us, everything I think or experience is immediately shared with my tulpas (and vice versa), and they even have immediate and efforless access to my memories before they were created. It's useful to be able to switch in the middle of an activity without missing a beat or wondering what we're doing. So, can anyone explain how you can segregate your thoughts and experiences like that? Seriously, even when I switch out and completely fall unconscious (in my head; someone's still in charge) I remember everything that happened during that time.
  10. "281 dead maggots" makes for a terrible ice breaker.
  11. I'm new to the community, but not to tulpamancy, or whatever you call it. A brief history: Physik, a silver-furred anthro fennec fox, was the first tulpa I created at the age of twelve. I recognized him as an imaginary friend at the time, but I always treated him as entirely real. I callously created and discarded around ten other entities, mostly because I got bored of them. I'm still quite ashamed of myself. But then last year I created Summer, a two tailed, yellow fox, and I loved her so much she's still here today. They are both very well developed with sentience and strong personality. For quite a while the two insisted that they were not real, but a complex delusion I created. Then we discovered and we became quite happy. Yesterday I created two new tulpas, Hope and Shay. Hope's an anthro Mega Absol, and Shay's an anthro Shaymin (Land Forme). I tend to move quite fast in character development, so they both have a form, voice, and the base for a personality to develop. Shay's shy, and Hope's loving. I'll post more as they develop.