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  1. I'm new here although have lurked for a few years. I have read a lot of scaremongering and misinformation about tulpas "going bad" if they are "mistreated". How much of this is legitimate? Basically I want to create a female human-ish tulpa that is subservient to me, like a pet rather than an "equal". I'm sure many people would have a problem with that, so lets just side-step that issue since it is not what the question is about, I am simply giving context. I cannot think of any reason why it would "go bad" since a tulpa is just a manifestation of my expectations and I see nothing wrong with what I am planning to do. But will it still somehow resent me and go bad even though I have not programmed that kind of morality into it so it? If so, where would those kinds of social justice sentiments be coming from if not from me?