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    18 year old girl with a 21 (I think..?) year old tulpa called Zhail that suddently appeared in my life, no idea how.. She says that she has been watching over me since I was 2 years old, before even..
    creeeeppyyyy owo

    I have a boyfriend (long distance relationship at the moment), and he has a Tulpa as well, and my Tulpa fell in love with his and are in an actual relationship hehe, that's sho cute <3
  1. I love reading this thread owo, my face was almost pressed against the screen while reading haha The few times I got to feel my tulpa Zhail is when she hits me, normally when I get... way too hyperactive because It annoys her lol (don't if to call it hit, it's like.. when you flick your finger against someone's forehead? My english isn't that good sorry :<) However, there was this one time I was feeling very depressed over some problems with my mother and worrying over my boyfriend (It's a long distance relationship and It was the first time ever her mother took everything he had away so I couldn't contact him for a month or so, and during that time my mom was really angry with.. everything that was alive and moved), I was curled up in my bed hidding under the sheets while crying my heart out because I could be strong any longer,then suddenly I feel something behind me, as if someone was getting on my bed, I can perfectly remember how I felt that the bed sunk behind me, then someone wrapped it's arms around me tightly. My heart stopped for a second as soon as it happened, but then I relaxed in her arms when she whispered "Hey... It's all going to be alright Little one... You're not alone. I could never, leave you alone." That only made me cry more lol, but it helped me a lot, especially because she's not the kind of person that does things like this.
  2. Awwww my Zhail on her wedding day :D God editing a photo is hard hahaha
  3. I always thought for a name for my Tulpa, but she didn't want one because there was no point on it, "A name..? What for? No one else would talk to me anyway.." she said. I still kept on thinking but never got a good one.. but after maaany many years, she started to interact with my boyfriend and his Tulpa, she made up her mind one day and suddently chose one... Zhail. She thought it was unique and it fitted her perfectly.
  4. Zhail is human and can change into a sucubus form whenever she's with her wife owo (she married my boyfriend's tulpa, I didn't even know she was bisexual owo), but anyways, she used to have a veeery long black hair but she cut it to shoulder lenght to my surprise, pale skin color and red eyes. She'll normally wear black gothic clothing, but she's starting to use different (but dark) colors too.. She wanted to kill me when I changed her clothes to pink xD
  5. BAAABIEEEES that's so cooool Can't wait to see what else happens hehe owo
  6. I'm an ISFP-----Introvert(61%) Sensing(75%) Feeling(50%) Perceiving(33%) Zhail is INTJ-----Introvert(67%) iNtuitive(38%) Thinking(88%) Judging(39%)
  7. ahhh I wish I had a portal gun! D: The next person wishes they could have ice cream owo
  8. :D Hiya there! My name is Maggie, and I'm 18 years old from Paraguay. My English isn't that good since my main language is spanish so I might not make sense in some things haha. My Tulpa's name it's Zhail (female, around.. 21 years old, I never really asked her owo), I have no idea when I created her.. But she has told me she's been with me since I was around 1 or 2 years old. Kinda creppy owo