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  1. Am I not kawaii (uguu~)? ^_^ Anyway, two hours in, of course I'm not expecting anything, just sayin' THAT I FINALLY STARTEEED! WOO!
  2. I... what? (BRB, checking urban dictionary for possible connotations) I don't get it. Yay! Input xD ಠ_ಠ Eh, everyone says that you should have around 100 traits, and skimming them, I doubt these here listed to be more than half of that, and I read your guide, and I have to politely decline. I actually thought that your guide was a sarcastic mock at all the teen peeps that have no patience and just want to have a TRUPAH HURR, not caring for it ending up like a servitor. If that's not the case, then I guess your guide is good for getting results qucikly and having very authentic and stable hallucinations, but at cost of personality and connection, which is unfortunately an exact reverse of my priority list, so again, sorry, but, no. I know, duh! That's good, and I'm looking forward to that, it shows that I'm doing it right. ^_^ That's why I said: in the end, I wouldn't care THAT much for all the listed things to be in him, heck he may even change his gneder if he pleases, I REALLY just want to get the smell right, and that's not too much asked now, is it? I made this list because I like doing that sorts of stuff, and having it at least gives a higher chance of all those traits ending up, so basically: Don't worry, I got that all in check. (WOO-HAAAH!) No. ^_^ I have considered that already, I have actually experimented with auditorial manipulation on... other topics..... :) You sound like you could use a bagel. Want a bagel? Here! Have a bagel. ^_^ All in all, I have the feeling you want me to exactly do what the founders fo this place and more experienced lads DON'T want all the noobs to do. I has a confusion now.
  3. Heh, If you say so.. I actually worried taht I didn't go enough into detail yet...
  4. I would love to boop fede's nose one day. It is so pointy! x3
  5. Cool! Thankies! ^_^ Also: Now that I think about it: Those various intelligence types could actually be a real-life form of ability points. Off the top of my head i can easily think of Bodily intelligence to be like strenght and constitution, and existential intelligence is obviously wisdom... Not bad B)
  6. Weheee! Time to grow some balls! No, but really. I am esxcited, and that is good. I have finally the confidence that I need in starting this out, and the first thing I notice is, that I kinda already did. Oftentimes, while doing other stuff, I started thinking about my tulpa in a very detailed manner, something that you would usually sit down and meditate over, and I have the feeling I should stop with that, because it mioght be harmful, so I decided the following for "character creation": Besides the above mentioned, I am also a rather disorganized type, althoguh I like systems, I never apply them, mcuh to my chargin, but since I don't want to get things wrong when forming a companion for life I thought about using all the stuff that I learned in good ol' RPG's (from pen and paper to videogame Wink ), in particular, a mixform of the DnD and Shadowrun character creation system. Of course it will still be more of a guideline, since I don't want my chartulpa to be as static as your generic RPG hero, but I find it a lot easier to attribute alignments, skills and handicaps and let the personality unfold out of the logical consequence rather than piecing together every single little trait into a big picture. (Deduction/Induction Wink ) So much for the prolouge, let's start with the data logging: Host: Vagabond Tupper: No name given yet (He may decide for himself) Gender: Male Form: Not that important for me. Though I would like him to look like my OC, but I wouldn't mind him deviating from that at all, as long as there will still be lots of black, blue and green in his colour scheme. ^_^ Smell: Actually very important for me. I am a rather intuitive person in that respect, smell was the first thing I figured out, and I really wouldn't like if he deviated from it, but we'll se about that... Anyway, the smell is a very particular one: Apple Orchard after a cool spring rain: The slightly acidic smell of the wet green combined with the almost damp sweetness of apples/ apple blossoms. There is nothing I could ever dislike about it. xD Voice: We'll see about that. ^_^ Personality: Paramount. Alignment: (As said, I don't want to peg too much onto it, but here goes) Primary: Lawful Neutral; Secondary: Neutral Good. I decided on these because they create a little contrast to my alignemnt (Always Chaotic, penduling between neutral and good), if were such a simpleton, that is. xD Moral Subset: I imagine my tulip having been an explorer/wanderer before I "claimed him for myself", this means that he spent most of his time by himself in nature, amongst plants and animals, thus his bonds to it are particularly strong (That's why I want that smell) a consequence of this is that his ideals aren't updated to the existence of society. His view is simple: Heliocentric, egalitarian, and devoted to natural law, meaning live and let live, with respect for every living being. That might let him sound like a simpleton now, but I really rather aimed for the mind of a, say, buddhist monk rather than a gonky hermit. xD I really want him to be, or at least act wiser than I am, I hardly ever follow my instincts and gut feelings, and am devastated after they have proven themselves right. Someone like him could remind me of trusting my natural judgement a little more. Alright, after this little derail, let's get systematic again! Skills: Orientation Navigation Excellent gut feeling (Including animalistic instincts like fight'n'flee) Athletic Knowledge in bilogy, animals, plants and geology/ geography (I don't need to acess that, am good enough in it myself, but it's just realistic and consequential) Survivalist (making fires, handling makeshift tools and the like) I really can't think of anything else right now. Already have an headache (I often do) and lack the sleep, I will get back to it, for sure, and you may have some suggestions, too, but so far, his skills arte a little... one-dimensional, IMO... that's not good... COULD make him flat.... Traits/feats (both "positive" and "negative"): Intuitive "People Person" Nature boy (Good communication with animals and the like; down to earth) Rational (connotates survivalism) Optimist Good-natured, good-humoured Black hgumour Rude humour Talkative Wise Patient Content Dependable Sensible Empathetic Self-confident Slef-sufficient Independent Adaptable Spiritualist (I am a very scientifically raised person, it keeps driving me to denounce and ridicule alternative views, I wanna change that.) Understanding Weathered Experienced Motivated Thoughtful Organized (Something i am not) Creative/resourceful Clear-minded (He has his goals before his eyes, his opinions don't shift as often as mine, he is generally more convinced of himself and his own view, and most importantly: He follows up on things he promises himself to do, a problem that I always strongly had and have is not doing taht/procrastinate a lot.) Extrovert Accepting Carefree Sly Proud Just Calm Protective Warm Awake Deadpan Snarker Honest Serious( Something I hardly am, I don't always want him to be, since I can't live without silliness, but I would like someone who can give me a little slap-reminder if the situation requres it) Starightforward Hates cities Dislikes Noise Can be stubborn (I am a bit of a doormat) Personal space invader (Posted as negative trait because I am very touchy, he could have those annyoing brolike mannerisms :P ) Overambitious Balancedness can lead to Stoicism and indifference Intolerant of murder (Something I don't have a problem with) Drug abuser (As a nature boy he knows about the special effects of this and that little plant, and may use it if it helps the situation or pleases him. I hate drugs, I don't even drink alcohol) Technophobe (A polar opposite to me, I might study engineering one day, that's gonna be hell of a fun with someone like taht around xD) Neutralist (I want to change this world, and rid it of evil and mistakes, ideally, that is, but he just doesn't care that much, he goes by the motto "Nature fixes itself, don't worry be happy", and I actually can't stand passivity like that xD) Hedonistic tendencies Quirks: Here i have some detailed mannerism that would be nice if he had them, but I don't think i would mind if he deviates them away. Sniffy (Smell-sensitive) Chiller (Lies down randomly, relaxes and slacks off relatively much) The stare (When thinking hard about something he just gazes at the wall with a serious, almost grim expression) Chuckles a lot Pounces/ physical contact personality Tilts his head when something interests him. Sudden movements and noises startle him (Again, the whole natural instinct thing) If he feels threatened he can become somewhat blank (tunnel vision and all that, again: animalistic nature stuff) Always looks around for safe spots, hiding spots, upper grounds and safe locations. Loves the sun and sunshine (I don't like it very much and am pretty much nocturnal :P) Sarcastic tendencies Crazy Prepared Various Intelligences: Because i want to flesh him out as much as possible, I'm actually gonna use this too: Existential intelligence With a buddhist near-enlightened monk being his partial blueprind, my tupper will obviously have it easy to think about and give satisfying answers on existential matters, just as he likes to ponder about them. What he isn't good at, thoguh, is explaining his views directly, since his starightforwardness usually cause a lack of proper wording and understandability of such highly complex matters. Linguistic Intelligence Language is not so much his strong point as communication itself. As much as I wished for it, with his kinda past and occupation, he simply isn't much of an eloquent and erudite person. He does his best, but usually his language is rather simple, and it's more convenient for him anyway. Logical Intelligence He has a systematical brain, he is an analyzer and a rationalizer. Collecting, storing, remembering and evaluating data is very easy for him, but this hardly ever goes beyond intuition level. His thought process is clear and logical, but simple: he analyzes surroundings for possible vantage points, natural behaviour stuff, higher systematics don't interest him very much, meaning that while he could easily learn psychoanalysis, he would lack the interest. he has his gut feeling instead. Arythmetical Intelligence Not very different from logical, but with one crucial difference: It is entierly man-made. He never needed maths, units of measurement and the likes on his ventures, so while he may be able to unbdertsand them, he would never care about them. Natural Intelligence Obviously, extremely high, also tapping into the relation with intuition and emotional intelligence. His absolute strong point Spatial Intelligence Good enough. Nothing Special, nothing too bad. This area is as you weould expect it from someone in his position (A bit sad since I deem mine to rather high) Kinesthetic Intelligence Same as Spatial: Someone like him knows his body and how to use it, toherwise, he wouldn't have survived, but that doesn't mean he can do over- the-top crazy acrobatic flips and the like. Auditorial Intelligence Instinctively high, systematically low. He likes and enjoys music, and has a deep understanding and capability to differentiate sounds, but, much like me, when it comes to notes, and actually writing and playing music beyond whim level, he is hopelessly lost. Interpersonal Intelligence Personal is the wrong word. He knows how to talk to people, he is talkative, and he is very empathetic, especially towards animals, but again, systematical side lacks on him. he doesn't know social forms and manners, at least not that much, he has his own social conventions and usually rather relies on knowing what the other persn wants rather than following codes and rules of conversation. Intarpersonal Intelligence He spent lots of time alone, thus he obviously knows a lot about himself, he knows his limits, more or less, and knows how he himself works upon others. But that's about it, he just doesn't care much Alright, for now, that's it! I honestly think that I made this well so far, but who knows, maybe I did use enough traits and feats? The only thing that is a little too empty for me yet is "Skills" Anyway, I'm gonna write this all down and make something of a checklist for my first sessions (If you haven't figured it yet, I am still at zero hours!). Input is highly requested!(Except when it comes from Fede xD) Thanks if you had the patience to rad through all this! ^_^
  7. Maybe that you are currently trying to cope with having little to no control over something that you would like to have full control over? Spinning and sudden movemens are suually an indicator for a lack of control.... but there's a reason why I ultimately decided against studying psychology, so you might wanna wait for an expert. Also: Try typing "Viewmodel(self) noclip" into your developer's console! xD ... Actually. I mean it. Wouldn't be adding a developer's console into your wonderland be a conveniet way to trick your mind into or out of particular states? You'd just have to be enough of a geek for it to feel good. :P
  8. Uhm, I actually have a question, and not a suggestion, but I am too much of a wiener to make a seperate thread for it, so I'm gonna ask here: When I created my account, I wanted to add someone who referred me to these forums, or rather, inspired me to finally sing up and get started, but back then I forgot his name, and wasn't even entirely sure if he himself is logged in here at all. Now I found him, and I'd find it kind of nice if I could change that option, meaning fill in the blank, which doesn't seem to be possible via normal options, at least by my perception. I'm sorry, I'm just much of a completionist, and i don't like the idea of leaving this business unfinished, besides that I actually am thankful for him referring me.
  9. It's an original character, wiht some minor influence from various existing ones, but I can't remember them, so the influence probably really are minor. The form... well... I am still undecided, I would probably let him decide for himelf, only limiting him to using lots of dark green, having black, long hair, or ehatever equivalent to that, and some hints of cyan in the hair. I would love to have a shapeshifter between pony and something else, maybe human, maybe anthro, maybe an animal.... We'll see... ^_^
  10. I told my father, and he was happy that I try out this "crazy buddhist shit" but he's a hermit, so it's no big surprise. No one in the rest of my family must ever know, it would just bring pain about the tulpa itself, not to start with me.
  11. My father already told me about that a looong time ago. He just mentioned it by th way though, while he was trying to explain me the importance of self-controol. And used the buddhist thoughtforms as an example to prove the effectiveness of self-manipulation. he didn't use the name "tulpa" though, and I didn't remember it until recently: Basically, in another forum (A forum that started out as a steam community for bronies and by now basically takes anyone that is either interested in pony or in vidiya) They had a thread where someone wanted to create a Rainbow Dash based sextoy servitor (Guesss how quikckly he gave up on it. :P ) And the thread started flourishing, waking the interests of many and inspiring them to inform themselves and try it out seriously, me being amongst them. Aaaand, i think that's about it. ^_^
  12. Hi there. Well, there is a thread where I'm supposed to explain how i got here, so let's focus on the other insiginificancies: My father is a crazy hermit that loves buddhist stuff and was totally excited about me trying this. Nevermind his bipolar disorder. I like my nickname. A lot. Simply for what it means. If I wasn't disillusioned about it,being a Vagabond would be my dream life. What else could i say about myself? I effin' LOVE cats! (Is swearing allowed in here? ) So, yeah, I won't post much at first, but in time, I'll find my way. ^_^