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  1. Ice: Hey. GUYS. HEY GUYS. HEY. HEEEEEY. I'm Ice~ Nice to meet you lot uwu Stripe: HI I'M STRIPE.
  2. I SUCK AT ART BUT HERE YOU LOVELY FELLOWS GO~ there's no background because I'm too lazy for it kek
  3. I'm a furry! Ice and Stripe are both anthros uwu I've been a furry since I was like 12, and I'm 15 now. I draw a bunch of furry art and stuff and yeah.
  4. SpotsAndIce


    Oh! Since there are already a few people, shall I start a group up?
  5. SpotsAndIce


    So! I like Skyping with people (I heard there was a group but I'm not in on it >:I) and I was like "Well I should make a thread where people can post their skypes and add each other and maybe we'll organize a new group or something." And so here it is! Post your Skype names and I'll organize them by editing this thread, starting with my own name: PSA: Please include who you are when making contact requests. If you don't, there's a good chance people will just ignore it ~Kiahdaj USERNAME - SKYPE ableddistress - AGGuy - anvanaar Alexavier - xavier.delgado10 AsherAubs - bobbiedot95 Auratic - mirror.moon Cacuu - beardman555 Carnivorous M. - carnivorousmoogle Cold Blitz - mesh3698 DKfury - DKfury97 Derp - dreamsoflilies - moonlightthezorua Einulf - EinulfDawnforge Enantiodromia - TastefullyTwisted FelixVAMJinxx - fvamjinxx glittermilk - angryfrills Groovy-guru - Groovy-guru Hermit - tulpa.forcer Jason Martin - jasonmartin327 Kara - ds4nd3r Kiahdaj - Setsudaj_ Kitsukrou - Kitsukrou Lone Wolf - goneairbourne Miyisan - selgood Muffin - betaspace89 Nouvel - chaosheart13 Nyx - sea_of_doors Oleg - olegequalzname ourneverland - ourneverland-we Pell_Torr - BorzonSlayer Piaapo - piaapo Quetzal the furdragon - nuke_it_from_orbit Quilten - jacksonpayneb RailOfFire - RailOfFire raphael97 - raphael.augusto97 Redback Spino - mike.mcnanner1 Redline - Fawkesdown Reilok - cinemaddict18 rootWoman - sylthjortron Sake Loup - sakelikecake SakuraSky - sakurasky912 SomethingDire - bah.sel.gun Spixxen - Felicianoxx SpotsAndIce - Spotsistoowhiteandnerdy ThatFellowWithTheScarf - ThatFellowWithTheScarf Tupplenaw - josh111233 UnknownCraos - Craos32 Upper Class Twit - xxuperclasstwitoftheyearxx Vosaiu - Vosaiu if you don't want yours posted but do want people to ask privately just say~ Edited so that I could add all of the new names and alphabetize the list. - Vosaiu
  6. The first thing my tulpa ever said was "Broccoli!" lol
  7. Weeeeeell, Ice (my tulpa, of course uvu) is a light brown anthro griffon. She's got icy, icy blue eyes. She's typically wearing a light pink button-down t-shirt and pink jeans. (She really likes pink) Ice: Also I'm very beautiful. ... And that.