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  1. Sorry I haven't been updating this recently; I've moved and my net's going to be out for a little while. I'm mooching as I type this at someone's house so yeah....
  2. Like waffles said, just slow down and be more patient with communication. Wait for responses longer, and try not to assume anything about how long it takes to get vocal or at what rate your tulpa begins to speak more fluently and clearly. If you wait out a response, and you still don't pick anything up from your tulpa, once again just clear your mind and wait again after repeating your side of the dialouge. Some people have had tulpae get completely and fluently vocal very quickly, while others take a very long time. It's really a crapshoot sometimes, so just roll with whatever pace you g
  3. 1. The tulpa will not feel the pain involuntarily. 2. You can play chess with your tulpa, and I have done it with mine multiple times. Our wins are split even. 3. Whatever you feel comfortable with; some people focus on specific areas first, some do generalized approaches. It's completely okay. As for the sentience test: this could more likely be attributed to setting a time for yourself to wake up through the proxy of telling your tulpa to, and then getting a wake up call right around then from your subconscious.
  4. Yes, what you are doing is indeed tulpaforcing. And no, there is no problem with focusing more on your tulpa than visiting your wonderland.
  5. Most of the time I just tried to stay focused on all of my tulpae at once, which is three of them. It's a great feat of mental exertion at first, and then you just quickly get used to it, sort of like learning to listen to your tulpa consistently, and all three of their voices come through to you easily and all at once. I generally split my attention among my three tulpae equally when they were all three out at once.
  6. Hmmm...interesting. It's odd that your tulpa has taken up such things as communicating through body language and facial expressions when you have a known disorder that makes it hard to discern such things, unless you take in the idea of subconscious ideals. Perhaps your tulpa is attempting to better you or help you with your disorder as a result of those ideals being in place during creation. I've next to no experience with Asperger's, so I can't offer you much advice on how to interpret your tulpa's communication better except asking her to talk because you can't understand her most of the
  7. Ah, I see! Yes, that is a valid way of communicating with the tulpa. I have done this with mine multiple times.
  8. 1. My tulpa generally moves out of the way, although things passing through her don't bother her. 2. Yes, it is similar to imagining being in a room in your head, I suppose. I've heard different accounts of what it feels like, but that seems to be the most common. 3. It sounds like you're a long way into the process; I really doubt you could be suggesting answers or parroting at all at this point. If you think it's coming from your tulpa, it probably is.
  9. This. You should be fine picking the form you spoke of.
  10. Tulpae have the ability to eat. Clair eats occasionally, although it's not required for survival and usually only for pleasure or to just give me company when I'm eating.
  11. Put simply, other hallucinations haven't popped up yet and probably won't. It's less opening yourself up to many hallucinations and more just forcing yourself to sense this being that you have created in a particular way.
  12. ThatOneGuy


    /mnt/windows/Users/*******/Desktop/Post.txt (Accessing my windows partition for files from ubuntu, needed the directory for some reason)
  13. I've always been able to do that...I thought everyone could.
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