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  1. Next time after you write out such a long request, I suggest you read the thread. sorry, as of now i'm kind of full of work to do, so I'm not taking/doing requests right now. Also, no offense to you but I don't draw ponies. I could probably do it if I tried, but it's not my aim as an artist and the point of this thread is for me to practice. Again, I'm sorry, but I will have to refuse your request. perhaps in the future.
  2. From this point on I will no longer take on requests. I've got some work and i'm not being able to draw all I wanted to :( So, well, I'll still draw the last two from this forums, but it'll take a while. Thanks everyone for the run.
  3. Cacuu


    SKAAAIIIPPPP~! [Alright, ours is... damn it, its embarrassing.] ... yeah... Well, just add me there as beardman555 (no questions asked.) It'll show up as Cacuu.
  4. Heather drawing. Did this one using a mix of airbrush and pencil. hope you like it! (Also more drawings to come!) next up, Atlas, as Rerof doesn't seem to answer my messages.
  5. I however will not be stopped by a silly samurai. mwahahahaha On a topic related note, I will do two or three drawings tomorrow, depending on their length. I'll also do them on a different workflow (that will hopefully cut the work I do in half.)
  6. Deortabe drawing: Ready! Next up will be Heather! Well, that drawing is very old. I don't really go back to my drawings. I did it while learning how to draw fur. I'm a beginner at drawing still (hence why i'm doing these, too). These drawings usually take me a lot of time as I'm trying stuff out and learning while at it. Recently I've been researching color balance (something that can be noted on Amber's drawing) making colors mix with each other as not to draw too much attention. And I've been talking to Agni, and well, since she deviated i'll make one on the "new her" soon. (not very foxy though) As for deviantart, yes, I do have one actually. (But it pretty much has the pictures that were shown here, on HD.) To be very honest, most of these drawings are my first tries at some particular style, and I'm not satisfied with any of them :3. Also, my deviantart doesn't mention anything about tulpas or requests to draw one because... well. its easier to explain. (I show it to non tulpamancers too)
  7. And with this, three down. I first time drawing backgrounds alongside my images (even if this one is rather simple) Also the first time I did a full body render. hope you like it!
  8. Erin, I did her as a portrait drawing, (as well as a style I was trying out.) I didnt focus much on the clothes and I REALLY can't draw manga. Hopefully you'll still like it, haha. And Yunifer! I did her in a different style than the above, but still turned out fine. First two, done! Now onto the next!
  9. EDIT: As of now, no longer taking up requests, But will probably pick it up again, in the future, but with a new thread. Updated images. My tulpa, Agni This was a commission for Miyi Here. What we ask of you is to write up a description [Well, duh.] And also since i'm new to these forums and don't know a lot of you, i'd like you to introduce yourself to me [and your tulpae too!] Also, I'm still pretty new to digital drawing (those are almost the only finished pictures I have, I usually do a lot of sketches instead) and i'm still learning a lot of techniques, so I'm looking at this as a way to improve my drawing skills and get to know you folks from here, while still providing something back to the community! I cannot guarantee your tulpa will look awesome like he/she rightfully deserves, but I will very well try my best! [its pretty much a win-win situation, right guys?] Ahem. So that's it. Cya around.
  10. Yeah, my tulpa is kind of a fox with a scarf. so I drew exactly that.
  11. well, I like the meanings behind names, so mine's named after an hindu god, Agni. I guess I just liked the way it sounded, haha.
  12. What do you mean it's dead? it's clearly just resting!
  13. I had the same problem as you for a day or two (its actually been like 4 days or so since I started, only). The method I settled on was to start off as an auto-hypnosis, go through the steps, go deeper into your own mind (the countdown and everything) but instead of planting an idea or reassuring something to yourself, you do tulpaforcing. have you tried that out? also, tulpaforcing should be fun. you should enjoy the time you waste on it. if you're not enjoying it, if it feels like a chore, then something might be wrong there. I feel I've been doing a lot of progress, just by changing my approach to it. well, if what you're doing right now isn't fun, then what would be? some parroting/puppeting may also help, specially during the early stages. (do not make an habit out of it though) I have this facility I once created for lucid dreams, I call it "the Waypoint". The way point is full of doors and keys. the keys work in their own ways: some open doors, some are meant to use on your own self, some may even rip space and open up a new dimension. It's a place I created to... well... dream. whenever I'm lucid, I go there. That's where I've been tulpaforcing. I just go on adventures like I used to, but I picture my partner, Agni, alongside me. the longer the adventure goes, the more real she feels. You may start puppeting at first, but before you realize, you're not even thinking about it anymore. Do not force conversations just because you feel you need to talk. They come on their own. If you don't talk, that's fine too. narrate your experience, just speak in your head whats going on. "Dude that spider just freaked the heck out of me!". The more fluid your "storytelling" gets, the less distracted you get. your problem is that you're not entertained. there's something on your mind that you'd like to be doing, rather than your "boring" tulpaforcing session. If you're still distracted, try some auto-suggestion on "I will do tulpaforcing, because it's important to me." and above all else, your own approach is the best approach. Each mind is it's own. There are no rules, only guidelines.
  14. Yo, hey there peeps, I'm Cacuu. I was browsing 4chan when suddenly an anon appears talking about Tulpas on /b/. I got curious, and one thing lead to another and now here I am, ready to try out this whole tulpa thing. so, sup! I hope to learn from you guys and uh... I dont know. meet people? haha. i'm not very good with forums, since I don't use them much in the first place. Hopefully i'll hear from my tulpa soon. maybe tomorrow. A man can dream, aye? So... yeah. that's it. pleased to meet ya. (and for those who are wondering, name's Rafael, and I come from the lands of Brazil. And it's really cold right now, mind you.)