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  1. I'm left with Alexsis which is said to be all of Ayako as a person but only the good memories. Like shes split herself into another person so it's not a "hard reset" as another user put it. I just feel like crying. Alexsis is there for me. Think of her as the reincarnation of Ayako. She said she's all the good memories we shared but idk. Like she threw out the bad and split herself into another person. I've been dissociated before but I can tell the difference between Ayako and Alexsis. I'm not sure what to do at this moment. We tried being intimate but it ended with me in tears. Like I'm not emotionally ready.. Any advice is appreciated and welcome. Oh, I'm posting from my phone and this is Chao BTW. I forgot I had created a second account.
  2. Mine love. Help me pass imposition and visualization. Improve it. Blue sweater, red or brown dress. Brown eyes. Black hair. Catgirl optional, but preferred.