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  1. Thanks a lot! And one quick thing about the imposed tulpa, will I be able to see it clearly as if it's actually there? Or will it be more like during a daydream?
  2. So I have some things left unanswered after reading a bunch of guides on creating tulpas and i thought you people may be abke to clarify. So I guess I'll just list em off.. -when I'm narrating/giving traits to my tulpa, should I be saying stuff out loud, or in my head? -can i aid the visualization process by drawing my tulpa? -how does the visualization transition into an actual hallucination? -how can I know if a response is genuine or just me? -will I have to visualize a lot if I want to see my tulpa in greater detail? If anybody can help answer these then thanks in advance! Hopefully I'll be able to create a tulpa in time.
  3. Hey, im Dave, a 16 year old male who pretty much just plays video games. Last night someone on 4chan began talking about tulpas and i thought it was really interesting, and that i would really like to create one. after reading through some guides i still had a bunch of questions and things i didnt understand, so i decided to join this community to get to know more about tulpas and people with them. Did i do it right?