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  1. Thanks so much! Any idea how long is the average time it takes to get to imposition? I'm probably getting ahead of myself. lol
  2. *Replies to this thread are welcome and encouraged.* So it begins... again. I've tried tulpamancy before for the better part of a month and had some progress, but I just stopped for no reason really. Maybe I just got distracted. Anywho, I'm determined to make it work this time. I'm convinced I will show progress. Even more-so than last time. So I've been focusing hard for the past few days on developing Ginger's physical traits and personality. I'm trying to do a lot of passive forcing, but am not neglecting to do some active forcing as well. Specifically, I've been using the method of passive forcing where I feel Ginger behind me/looking over my shoulder as much as possible. I'm not much for talking, but I try to interact with her as much as possible. My mind's eye is quite cloudy, but I'm really trying hard. I really want Ginger to have almost all control over how she looks, but am limiting her to a humanoid female. Personality-wise I'm hoping she'll be outgoing, friendly, and social. I'm quite the opposite by nature, but a lot of people perceive me to have those traits. I really don't like being social. I prefer staying in and being alone. My long-term tulpamancy goal is to create a friend that will help me in these situations. Whether it be by keeping me company and coaching or even taking the reins for a while (switching). I'm not sure what to expect, but I'm hoping this community could help me progress much better than I could alone. -Trapped & Ginger