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  1. "Hi. I've been waiting for you" on my return to the wonderland after a session of schoolwork.
  2. Okay let's see. Try designating one spot of your wonderland as a place specifically for forcing. Say, always sitting on a certain rock under a certain tree, and once you finish forcing you can teleport through your wonderland. I've heard that works for a lot of people. (Mine is pretty small, so I don't have many problems.) Also, that way you'll be able to do more detail on that small bit of your wonderland, which in turn seems like it could help you visualize your tulpa. Five to six days seems like a pretty normal time to be getting head pressures. You might start hearing his voice
  3. I think so. The next person who posts likes ice cream.
  4. Today we're going to test out exactly what Raven's reactions are to other people. Since I'm homeschooled, she hasn't had many opportunities since I started hard-core forcing to be around large crowds. However, we have a first meeting of my chapter of the National Junior Classics League (don't ask) and there should be 8-9 other people. I feel like this is also a good time to find out how well she understands humans besides myself. I'll post the results later today.
  5. The NPCs are great. I put most of my effort into forcing how they look, and them give them some basic parameters- like Charcat is Silent, Still, and Gentle. I don't have mental communication links with them when I'm not actively in the wonderland, which I guess means that they're more part of the wonderland itself than Raven is. Like you know, if I want to tell Ash something I have to go into the library wonderworld to tell her. I've imposed Charcat once outside of my mind, but only to get a good look at her form and she disappeared almost right away. Normally I think most of their res
  6. All right- since Ravenbruck is almost fully able to communicate in words, I thought we would start recording our progress. Raven's words will appear in slashes /like this/ and mine will be in plain text or italicized. Ravenbruck was initially based off of Mystique/ Raven Darkholme's child form. She ended up changing a few things- she has wings, a tail, and pointed ears. None of which I was responsible for. She acts like a child most of the time. Our main wonderland is a plain with glacial rocks and long grass. There are a few small trees around the center where I do my forcing and where t
  7. I'm fourteen, and tulpamancy seems pretty easy to me. Only problem is my gerbil-on-crack attention span when I'm actively forcing. :)
  8. Could you draw my tulpa Ravenbruck? Her overall body structure is pretty much like a ten or eleven year old human girl, but with dark blue, scaly skin, wings and a tail. Here's a reference for her scales and eyes, but her face is rounder than Mystique's: http://incrediblesong.com/images/1469-1024x768-x-men-mystique-face-desktop-pc-and-mac-wallpaper.jpg Anyway, she has shoulder-length, messy light red hair, and she's very specific that the feathers on her wings are a lighter blue than her skin. Generally she wears a red sports bra type thing, black leggings and lace-up high boots. Th
  9. Raven hissed at me after about three seconds. Not super aggressively or anything, but she wasn't happy.
  10. A tulpa is a sentient being that I personally believe is a voice and form to your subconscious mind. They can have any form and they develop their own personalities. Try: http://www.reddit.com/r/Tulpas/wiki/faq http://www.reddit.com/r/Tulpas/wiki/guides
  11. Just start the tulpa like that and tell it it can change if it wants to. Ravenbruck is sort of based on Mystique (from X-men, obviously) and she seems pretty happy so far.
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