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  1. Hello. I'm returning after about six months absence. I believe I'm returning to get the ball rolling again with my relationship between me and Prince. I probably won't recognize anyone here and they probably won't recognize me, that's exactly how I want it. It's great to see you all again for the first time.
  2. If they did that would only further prove your point
  3. Dont we all? I'm on the toilet right now as a matter of fact. Next person is constantly engaged in battle with skeletons yelling "EN GARDE FUCKBOY!"
  4. Nobody here knows sports .3. Did you think the Michael Brown verdict was correct?
  5. God dammit! Also, thanks Sush. Reliable as always =)
  6. Pay for it Did you like Sonic Boom? If so, why the Hell?
  7. Neuromancy. Sorry, autocorrect. I don't intend to raise the deaf. Also, thanks guys. I know this isn't a well known subject at all and it's hard to find anything on REAL neuromancy I see the mistakes, nd I won't correct them. Bear with me I'm using a second gen ipod
  8. Great. Maybe now they can give everyone a paper cut.
  9. Hey, so I've been thinking about necromancy lately and want to really get into it, I can't find anything on REAL neromancy though? Is there anything on actual neromancy out there that actually has a lot of guides/useful information on it.
  10. That is true, though the wording was a tad harsh.
  11. It's literally exactly the same as my username
  12. You can do whatever the hell you want really. Switch, use multiple, and not even just if you have done it a while, you can do it at the start. Hell me and Prince didn't even use a real method, we did stuff till something happened, and it turned out great. What I did was just forget the hour counts, forget the personality and just talk till something was said. If you want a specific personality that's fine, but don't puppet/parrot after sentience.
  13. Ah. So, what does it feel like specifically though? In tulpa form is it like basically watching from the eyes as if everything is normal? Or can you just go to the now super-vivid wonderland and not even see what's happening outside like a tulpa could?
  14. Hey. We're just out there trying to spread the message of racial diversity. Everyone loves pandas, no matter what. And we're black, white, and Asian. Next person needs Jesus
  15. So, I've been curious for a while and was wondering if any hosts and tulpae who can switch could describe it from both ends.
  16. That actually sounds like a cute forcing idea. I'll try it when I'm back at the gym
  17. It depends on what it is. And mankind is getting better. A couple hundred years ago people like homosexuals would be killed, now their more excepted side from a few people that usually get their asses handed to them. And abnormality is just an opinion. Most people think I'm weird, but a few that share a few traits with me find me perfectly normal. And, as I like to say, normal people are boring.
  18. Hold up. Memory loss? Shared body? Okay, I'm not gonna make any claims here, but since I've made Prince I have had some trouble with short-term memory, as well as tell him that my body is also his body. Any thoughts?
  19. Why do I feel like some revolution is gonna start?
  20. *plays X-Men theme song* Next person likes webcomics
  21. Did something happen? If something did and you don't think I need to know you don't have to answer
  22. What? Cin left? Aw. Just as I was getting to like him. I hope I keep a few friends on here.
  23. 11/20/14 Well, almost his three month anniversary. We made a ton of progress moths one and two, and how much on the third? None! That's right! Our relationship is an awkward mess, we almost never have anything to talk about, and we have done absolutely nothing to further it because NOTHING WORKS!.. Sorry if this post is really REALLY passive aggressive, I'm just really frustrated, I feel like the next milestone is years away, whatever the next milestone even is. I said I'd post if anything happened and a whole lot of nothing has happened tulpa wise.
  24. Hey, if you ever fel alone in the life style of multiple soul occupants just post here and I'll reasure you. =)