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  1. sup everyone. i have to say it makes me very happy to see the forum is still alive and active with new members. i was pretty active on here 2012-2013, my last visit being maybe 5 years ago. i was 14 when i joined here, and am now 22. this place and the people here really changed my life and my personality in so many ways. keep doing your thing everyone, and if anyone here remembers me from all those years ago, please swing me a message. lots of love x
  2. rest in peace knapp. you were a great friend to me all those years ago when i first came on here, and i have never forgotten you. i still remember when you first posted about your diagnosis. thanks for being so nice to me, see you on the other side.
  3. hey man! not sure if you'll remember me from 7-8 years ago, but it's awesome to see you're still going. it is incredibly impressive to see you have maintained forcing for so long. i hope you're doing well my friend.
  4. nearly six years since my last post here. i was 14 years old when i found this website and made my first post, and 16 when i posted the above quote. i am now almost 23, and it's quite a feeling to see i feel so similarly now to how i did in this post. it's pretty mind blowing to come back here and see all this, look up all my old friends. hard to explain the way i feel about all this. this place and my memories of it really hold an emotional weight in me that's quite distinct. i was so confused and young when i was active on here, and my home life was really quite terrible. this website and it
  5. i know, i made this thread A - watched the new hobbit movie Q - when do you think will be the last time you ever visit these forums?
  6. i dunno what /ss/ is man but the part about me being legal is true <3
  7. well if this is a returns thread i guess i'm back
  8. I am so proud of this thread
  9. ahahah get a load of this shit from two years ago everyone
  10. I haven't been here for so long, a year and two days. am i even remembered? I've lost contact with so many friends with whom i used to speak daily, merely the thought of them, and this place, fill me with the deepest sadness. My tulpas exist, although contact is rare these days and mostly with Shin. I've been struggling with thoughts, I feel almost as if I have a depth to me that no one i know of has, and while whenever anyone tells me anything personal i understand them completely, I feel as though my musings and thoughts aren't understood in the least by anyone. The most intelligent people i
  11. This thread has been going for nine months holy fuck idk Roll
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