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  1. Well, pony tulpas were really popular some time ago, I wanted to see if this was still the case.
  2. I made a poll about tulpa forms, could you answer? If you have any question, just ask. Also, I don't have a reddit account, could someone post it in the tulpa subreddit? The more people answer the poll, the better. I already posted it in some discord servers. Feel free to share it with your friends if you want. I'll post the results in a few days. https://www.strawpoll.me/15543370
  3. I'm still alive! I've been forcing for ten days and I haven't sensed any sign of sentience yet. I won't be updating daily. Maybe I'll update once a week or until something interesting happens.
  4. That's how I figured it would work. Thanks for replying.
  5. Day six. Today I made some anatomy for Amanda as recommended in this thread. I've been narrating and visualizing. I don't want to parrot too much because I'm afraid of getting parrotnoid. I've improved our wonderland. I created a lake so we can go for a boat ride and a park with two swings and a slide. And that's all for now.
  6. The title says it all. I've read several times that most tulpas are sentient since the moment they are created... but when exactly are they created? Is it when you think about them for the first time or it takes them some time to develop? Sorry if there are other threads about this topic, I've done a quick search and couldn't find one.
  7. I started tulpaforcing about a week ago. My tulpa (whose name is Amanda :P) isn't vocal yet, so I'm not going to talk about her to my friends or family for the moment. I don't know how they will react so I guess we'll keep it a secret. Maybe I'll tell some of my best friends... but it's not like they need to know.
  8. Day five. I've been feeling lazy and unmotivated. No active forcing today, but I've been narrating a little. I think I heard Amanda saying "uh-huh" while I was talking to her but I'm not sure.
  9. Amanda changes a little every time I visualize her. Her haircut varies a lot and her clothes have changed a couple of times. Maybe she's voluntarily deviating... or maybe I'm just bad at visualizing and remembering her form.
  10. Today I couldn't visualize as much as I would have liked to. I've been busy and my head hurts (because of Amanda, I hope). I've been narrating as usual and tried parroting a little so I can start imagining her voice. I haven't perceived any sign of sentience yet... I don't know if I should be sensing something already.
  11. http://www.rinmarugames.com/game/?game_id=421 I used this kind of games a lot while creating Amanda's form. They really helped me with visualization.
  12. Day four. Something weird is happening. Yesterday, before going to sleep, I visualized Amanda sleeping on the sofa. Today I woke up and visualized our wonderland. She was still asleep on the sofa. I didn't know if I should wake her up or let her sleep. Then I finally decided to wake her up, but I didn't know how to do it, so I just visualized her standing next to the sofa. Now she is standing next to the sofa AND sleeping on the sofa. I feel like I created another Amanda or a duplicate or something. Is this a kind of intrusive thought? How can I fix it? How do I know which Amanda is the "re
  13. Thanks for replying, I feel less worried now. I'll have to work on avoiding intrusive thoughts. No special update today because nothing interesting happened. I've been narrating and spent some more time on personality.
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