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  1. I love it when people can make me see new perspectives, or at least old ones that I forget over time. Thank you all so much for the advice on both tulpa creation and life in general (though you may not have realized that last part). I needed to hear it I think. Though I had hoped that specifying that I'm going to wait six months AND that I don't want sex at all would have everyone realize that I'm not out to hurt my creation, but as some did expect it I think that's a testimony to how awful humans are. Which isn't a surprise, but I had hoped that if they were willing to wait that long they wouldn't be so cruel . . . apparently not. (Actually I'm more afraid of my tulpa being a psycho murderer/rapist than I am anything else tulpa-related, which is the other reason why I'm waiting so long: an attempt to expel that fear completely.) Also - Phaneron - *hi-five* I didn't expect any other amoebas to comment, but I'm so glad you did! Of course I realized that there was a chance that another asexual was on this site, but, ya know. Statistics and all that. XD
  2. Hello, one and all. I promise I won't ask if it matters if I talk out loud or in my head to my tulpa. ;) Actually, I don't have a tulpa, and I'm not entirely sure I want one--which is why I'm just going to mull that over for at least half a year before I do anything. The idea of a tulpa is still fairly new to me so I've been reading the FAQs and the glossary and I've gotten through a couple of the guides. One of which actually said that the writer would not suggest for a thirteen year old to create a tulpa (and went on to say that teenagers in general probably shouldn't). And honestly? I agree. I'm seventeen as of now, and a month after half a year I'll turn eighteen. That's still in the adolescent age, though. There probably have been people my age and younger to successfully create tulpa, but I was wondering what you fine people think is a better age to start? I doubt there's a correct answer to this, but I also think that if I decide to do this then I should make sure I'm ready for it. (And really, whether the general opinion is if I should wait or if I should be okay starting now, I'm going to wait at least six months to start. It's a big decision.) Oh . . . well, I am a teenager and I suppose that a lot of people would probably suspect that I might want to use a tulpa for sex. So just to clear that up, no . . . no, actually I'm asexual. Sex is boring to me. Thank you so much, in advance, for anyone who answers.