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  1. Hey! My tulpas name is Amber. She's around 5'6 and has straight, medium brown hair. Her eyes are big, in anime style, round, and green in color. She has a petite nose and fair, slightly tanned skin. Her mouth is small and the lips aren't very prominant. She has fox ears (normal fox colors) and a fox tail (big and fluffy). Chest is around mid sized, C cup or so. Her body type is slender and curvy. As for clothes, a red scoop neck shirt, black jeans, and black boots like these: http://www.polyvore.com/black_hiking_combat_lace_up/thing?id=41483867#cs . I think that's about it, if you need any more details just let me know ^-^ Edit: oh and her personality is very warm and happy. Can be easily excited and is energetic. That might be something that helps decide on a pose