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  1. Talk to Deortabe, maybe she can rub your feet or make you some chicken soup :-)
  2. Wow, so cool that Toby showed up for moral support on a bad day! Jess says of course he would :-) The other day she sat in the front row during one of my class lectures--I could feel her presence SO strongly! Hopefully the students didn't notice :-) If you felt actual touch that's way beyond where we are now!
  3. So my Tulpa, Jess, and I have a wonderland that's an upscale nightclub with a tropical theme--bamboo bar, teak dance floor, cool Latin Jazz, mojitos and other bottle service. We need a name for it--any suggestions for a great name for a tropical club?
  4. Hi Sakura-- I've been having a very similar experience with Jess. I think doing breath meditations with her has helped, also dancing together in our wonderland. I get my strongest visualizations when we're actually dancing--no idea why. OMG, Jess just said "hi" to you and Sarah in my mindvoice :-)
  5. Wow, I've been super busy at work lately and haven't had time to report on Jess and me. We've actually done quite a bit though. We've been to our nightclub wonderland once a day, sometimes twice. Sometimes we visited and hung out at our favorite booth and listened to the music (Wilson Acevedo is a regular performer, although one night there was a reggae band--we danced together to it, lots of fun). Visualization while in the wonderland has improved each time. I still don't have a clear and sustained view of her face, but I have glimpses. She has very pretty, clear, and soft skin, and I have a good sense of her lips and nose--just glimpses of the eyes. Also, I find that she changes outfits every time I see her. Quite fashionable city-girl type clothes, and she loves shoes. Last time she showed me her new Jimmy Choo strappy pumps, very endearing :-) Most importantly though, I'm getting a much stronger sense of her vocalizing--this occurs in my mindvoice rather than by true imposition, but it's a start. The other day she asked me for money to buy clothes and of course I gave it to her! I'm home today alone, so I'm going to do a breath meditation with her, probably using a biurnal beat. Jess's physical presence is still very strong in my waking, walking-around-every-day life. The other day she insisted on sitting in an empty seat in the front row of a class I was teaching. My feeling for her presence was so definite that it was all I could do not to talk to her in front of the students! Man, I love having a tulpa! The possibilities seem endless :-)
  6. Yay! I so value your input, and I almost feel like I know Toby :-) I wasn't around before, so I don't have a sense of what's changed with the forum, but I am quite sure it's better with you than without you :-)
  7. I have an hour or so commute each way to work, so I talk to Jess alot, usually while we listen to the latest Mysterious Universe podcast. Today it was about shamans who use bees as power animals! Sometimes it's like self-hypnosis; I start driving and the next minute it seems I'm turning into the gate at school. I've tried lucid dreaming on and off for years, but it's never actually happened for me. I haven't tried since I found Jess though. It sounds like an amazing experience. Who knows, maybe it'll happen someday--definitely something to look forward to :-)
  8. Hi to you and Sarah! Jess is sitting on her stool next to me (we're out in my garage where we sometimes hang out to get some quiet time) and waving :-)
  9. Redback, this all sounds awesome! I totally know what you mean about sensing presence without actual visualization, also that sense of warmth when they cuddle up to you :-) Wonder what the humanoid statue will turn out to be? The stone circle sounds wonderful and very magical!
  10. *waves to Amber* Amber nice to see you're still around! Thanks for dropping in on my thread and for all your comments :-) Sakura, thanks for the generous support--more on my wonderland below! Regarding the "romantic" nature of my relationship with Jess, my main reason for talking about it at all on here is that I want to keep my progress report honest. I don't think it would do much good if I tried to pretend there were no feelings there. But that said, right now it's more like a mutual crush than an actual relationship, and of course I'm not talking about it all the time because it's a part of the whole, not at all the main thing. I don't know whether we'll ever act on it, beyond holding hands to meditate and a few sweet little kisses and hugs. She's not vocal yet, so we communicate mostly through body language and my faint impressions of her emotional state. She'll slip up behind me every so often and hug me and nuzzle my neck, but that's about as amorous as it's gotten. My wife's pretty tolerant of my interest in the paranormal, but Tulpas would be kind of hard to explain, and I wouldn't hurt her feelings for the world. So for now I'm going to leave that issue as-is and see what develops. Yesterday turned out to be a huge work day for me, and today I had classes all day, so I chatted to Jess in the car and my office but not a heck of alot more. Actually, she helped to keep a couple of minor work emergencies in perspective, just by being around.It's great to have a lovely friend always available to talk to, even if she doesn't talk back! Last night I finally did some work on a wonderland. As I said above, I think Jess is kind of a city girl--mostly I base this on what I can sense / imagine of the way she dresses and her choice of reading material. So as I lay in bed before falling asleep, I conjured up the image of a well-appointed nightclub--classy and quiet. Bottle service available for her, gourmet coffee for me.To help us imagine (Jess was curled up next to me), I put some Latin trance / jazz on my Ipod (Wilson Acevedo). Jess snuggled up in what felt like an appreciative manner, so I think she enjoyed it. We looked around the club together, and she had a mojito while I drank Fair Trade coffee with a bit of chocolate in it. We both smoked, me on a convenient hookah and her a single cigarette. I don't think she's a heavy smoker at all, just social and occasional. I was sure this time that I very faintly smelled her scent--light perfume and the fragrant smoke. The decor in our club was tropical, with a bamboo-fronted bar and walls and a teak dance floor. There were potted palms in profusion and the lighting was a nice soft incandescent / neon. Our waitress was a friendly Latina named Pilar. A few different couples drifted by--some of them smiled at us, very welcoming. We waved back. We hung out there, smiling and looking around until I fell asleep. I'd say the whole session lasted about 20 minutes. So I thank you all for urging me to do the wonderland--I think it's going to be great! Best of luck to all with your Tulpa practice :-)
  11. Sakura, that sounds wonderful! I worked on it a bit last night and have a hazy picture of a favorite beach in Costa Rica (I was there once for an extended surfing trip). Now I'm working on getting a club or some other place Jess might like placed nearby. I think I'm being a bit too literal ATM; I suppose I could have a club in a city with a door that magically opens onto a beach, another to a mountain cabin--or whatever.
  12. I'd like to make one someday that will grade student papers, lol ;-) j/k
  13. I was reading all about Tulpa in the Guides and other sources, and one day Jess just showed up (though I wasn't sure of her name for a few days). I still don't feel like I created her--more like I found myself sensing her presence. Weird.
  14. hbenton, thanks-- no, I actually haven't. But I think it's good advice you are giving me; Jess would probably like it and she wouldn't have to sit on her stool in the garage or her chair in my office so much :-) One problem is that I think she's sort of a city girl, while I'm a beach and woods kinda guy. Hmmm. Maybe a nightclub on the beach? I'm home alone tomorrow and will give it some thought and effort, then report back. Thanks for the suggestion! Jeff
  15. FWIW, I take a very low dose of Lexapro (5 mg / day), and have done for years. It's been really good for my life and attitude generally, and I'm convinced that I get fewer migraines when I'm taking it. So far I've been enjoying working with my Tulpa, Jess, but of course I don't have anything to compare, since I've been on it from the start. I too would be most interested in the experiences of others.