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  1. I'll be blunt and say, you shouldn't seriously consider pursuing this further as nothing good can come out of this. You simply won't be able to have a proper relationship with the tulpa without entering into a bizarre, tangled, screwed-up relationship with the host.
  2. Just heard about a novella by Brandon Sanderson, "Legion", about a guy who has multiple hallucinatory personae living in his head. Seems remarkably tulpa-like from what I've read:
  3. I honestly don't even believe in "brain uploading", whether it's uploading human or tulpa minds. What is it but creating an exact copy of your mind, then destroying (killing) the original?
  4. Semi-Nomadic

    IRC quotes

    Also, isn't this sort of show like friendporn for lonely otaku? Normals watch action movies because that's not something they experience on a daily basis. The lonely and introspective watch groups of friends be friends because it's not something that is part of their everyday experience. Seeing people go outside is like VIOLENT ACTION for an otaku neet. <+TulpTweak> Now I'm imagining a NEET walking out of their house, breathing heavily as they reach the sidewalk. "Hell yeah! So intense!"
  5. Only one little thing that strikes me: Alongside headlines such as "Lazy forcing", "Accepting every little thing as reality" or "Falling into a rut" this headline seems to imply that "treating your tulpa as a person" is also a bad thing.
  6. No, it turns out that you cannot, in fact, induce vivid real-world hallucinations with a couple hours of imagining. Otherwise every single horror artist out there would be a howling nutcase. Imposition (actually physically seeing your tulpa) is a very, very long process. At this point you're just trying to "see" her clearly in your mind's eye (you know, imagination.) I see how this could be confusing because plenty of guides use phrasing like "concentrate and see your tulpa." without clarification.
  7. Here, actually:
  8. I drew a couple of portraits of Dabi recently, in hopes it will help me in forcing. Here's the pic I like the best:
  9. I've seen Inside Out and one thing that struck me was the very first scene, where Joy comes into existence within Riley's mind and begins examining herself and her surroundings with awe. It reminded me of a lot of tulpas' earliest memories that I've read about.
  10. Well, the most likely possibility is that some pervert is watching you through your window and knows what videos are you watching at the moment, and pretends to be your tulpa. totally not the things a pervert stalker would say
  11. Yeah, but it has nothing to do with physical distance. You can talk to a tulpa even when it's in the wonderland, or somewhere far away "in the real world" (for a tulpa, these two cases are pretty much identical.)
  12. How could it? Your tulpa never actually gets far from you. It's always right there in your brain. You can even imagine that your tulpa is on Mars and it still won't make it any more "diminished" than if you imagined it right next to you.