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  1. I can't really explain how focusing on it works it depends on your preferrences but I'll give you this advice : Complete silence works best. No exterior distraction. I've tried music, white noise, I even tried doing it in the forest with only natural sounds, alas, I found complete silence to be perfect. And if you don't mind it, you could do it in complete darkness aswell. Simplifying your means to whatever end you wish to reach, at least in this case, helps alot with knowing when you progress. Feel free to try out any other method and find what's best for you. You take in info and model it to your whim.
  2. Iconoclasm


    I'd answer that in a harsh manner, but I'll go with: tastes differ.
  3. Worst it could do is possess you(given you have been teaching it to do it decently) and commit suicide, LOL. But that's highly unlikely, since it would mean its end too, also, almost every tulpae cares about its creator. Unless your tulpae goes retard-mode because you're a self-destructive, callous prick it won't 'kill' you.
  4. If we're on the subject of paraphilias, well, I'm a sadist and I've known this for some time now, but I try to separate my violent fantasies from intercourse with whomever because of obvious reasons ...but it IS getting hard to enjoy sex without harming my partner ... my only outlet for this are my fap sessions. Anyway, I'm fucked up but at least I acknowledge it.
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    Thank you. And that's exactly what I thought when I looked back at what I drew, Djinnie Doc Manhattan. :D
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    I'm aware of the lame teeth I've added and thought the same way, it would look weird, but I thought i'd pass it off as the texture of his lips. I need to work more on volume and giving my drawings a bit more substance, alas, my studies are little to none in arts, it just kind of developed over the years by constantly doodling.
  7. lol the entirety of your tulpaforcing sessions is like one big anime clusterfuck xD.
  8. I'm equally disturbed by this shenanigan, however I must say that, as fiction, it can and will be misinterpreted/interpreted differently/used and re-used because of lacking ideas.
  9. Wait...wait. So the first caller was a tulpae talking through it's creator?
  10. Sounds like you could enjoy listening to this whilst fighting and shit.
  11. “If you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you”. My vote goes for THIS.