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  1. D. Of course you didn't see Pinkie. That was the perfect camouflage. ;)
  2. Murphy

    The MLP Thread

    I like MLP and watch it sometimes, but I would never make a MLP tulpa. To me it'd feel strange to walk around with an advertising charakter that came to life. There is only a fine line between Twilight and the Michelin Man.
  3. Hi, I'm furry for five years now. I am not an artist or so, but it is interesting to see, how much the furry fandom became my life. My friends are furries, most of my activities involve meets or cons. I work at a furry shop, my mate is a furry etc.
  4. You get a *like* for furryness :3 Wish you good luck. Cliché xD
  5. Murphy

    Tulpa and Drugs

    I bet. Until now every trip was unique since I never had exactly the same set & setting. Why would a tulpa change that? :)