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  1. I wasent 100% sure i was gana get anything more the 1 reply to be honest and yes i do tend to accept things too easily but questioning and debating has so far gotten me nothing but bad experiences so i sorta prefer to just go along with things. And i know its not a good mind set but atleast from what ive read on tulpas and ive read alot of different guides and reports of other people and so far besides everything happening to fast everything is alright with lulu (besides the doubts i still have and probably will continue to have for some time) but to my knowledge nothing wrong happening so fa
  2. 290 days (estimated) till next summer
  3. Hmmm i guess you're right i just didnt think it would be possible to do so and wanted someone to sorta say something about it or have an opinion to see if its something strange or something i just had the luck that happend that way. anyway thank you!
  4. Yay more things to read...as if reading about tulpas and different things to do with them wasent enough. I mean i like learning things around the topic of psychology or things similar to it but dang too much to read But hey it does sound very interesting and ill probably go onto reading it later to help me later on
  5. Is it possible to tulpa force without realizing it? Ive only been tulpa forcing for about 6 days and my tulpa (lulu) could move, talk, interact with me and the wonderland fully, change her apperance and personality and her mind voice is highly different from mine and at first i was really confused of how she was doing so well in only 3 days (when she started talking) i didnt even get what most people do where their tulpa's mind voice sounds like mine.. nope it sounded just like how i wanted her to sound. When i asked her how she was doing so well she responded: 'You silly, you where crea
  6. I have the same problem, i cant stop thinking at all. But in all honesty meditating helps ALOT i did a very simple meditation for 10 minutes and it was enough to force all day with little to no interuptions. Maybe this will work for you but obviously everyone is different but you may want to try different ways of meditating if not then find a way to shake off the thoughts i have this little tactic that when a thought pops up i imagine it appear in my wonderland and i just slide it off as if it was a slide on a wall and focus back on my tulpa
  7. Same thing happend to me aswell with my tulpa its been a little less then a week and she cant talk yet but she moves freely and we communicate with body language mostly and i was worried sense it was so early but apperantly its fine which is a HUGE relief
  8. I actualy had this problem when i first tried tulpa forcing bout' a year back not sure how i can now but im kinda curious now if you're still having the trouble
  9. Hello! Im new here as obviously seen i actualy read about tulpas about a year ago because im planning to study psychology and i make alot of research and so i stumbled upon this site and i was really interested on the topic but never could find myself to make one.. i could never consentrate well enough. But anyways here i am now, ive been making a tulpa or attempting to from a week ago and i have to say im struggling quite hard in some areas but i think ill manage my tulpas name is lulu based on well lulu from league of legends she being my favorite champion. As for me im just a 16yr old
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