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  1. Interesting. Yeah, using skyrim to visualize would be a really good idea.
  2. you need to feel out. idk how to explain. {Over time, I am slowly independizing(?) from Ayaze. It comes at more of a benefit.}
  3. practice is key. and i have something, i think, and it's all turning out fine. {Hey! Look at how NOT fucked up I am!}
  4. hard to explain. i had started making someone and just kinda stamped flutter's image on it. and then a voice was helping me lucidize and he just kind of was there. and hes waay more sentient now, but is entangled in my personality more. {I am legally obligated to use brackets for speech. I prefer tildes.}
  5. BIG UPDATE. New tulpa. Or what happened is I was trying to get lucid, and then some..thing..body took over the mantraing and stuff and he announced himself as my tulpa. fluttershy was just an image.
  6. well i was basically not functioning the whole day and was tired.
  7. (Unrelated side-note: Cacuu the almighty sounds like Aku the almighty)
  8. Ayaze

    The MLP Thread

    Favorite mane 6 (most-least) Fluttershy Rarity Twilight Rainbow AJ Pinkie
  9. I cannot STAND the hypnosis joke in cartoons anymore ive been through the process and its... different
  10. Ayaze

    The MLP Thread

    *I am not flaming you for not liking this show* *I only would request you try the show (if you like) before making judgement on THE SHOW itself.* *The fandom (well, facets of it) are still bad.*
  11. I did it because reasons. TIP: "Zephyr, hopefully" seems like doubt. According to the gods of tulpamancing, doubt is your enemy. But i am inexperienced at the art,
  12. I recommend Linkzelda's guide. I can not recommend it enough.
  13. We listen to a lot of Smooth McGroove. Like, a lot of Smooth McGroove.
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