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  1. Interesting. Yeah, using skyrim to visualize would be a really good idea.
  2. you need to feel out. idk how to explain. {Over time, I am slowly independizing(?) from Ayaze. It comes at more of a benefit.}
  3. practice is key. and i have something, i think, and it's all turning out fine. {Hey! Look at how NOT fucked up I am!}
  4. hard to explain. i had started making someone and just kinda stamped flutter's image on it. and then a voice was helping me lucidize and he just kind of was there. and hes waay more sentient now, but is entangled in my personality more. {I am legally obligated to use brackets for speech. I prefer tildes.}
  5. BIG UPDATE. New tulpa. Or what happened is I was trying to get lucid, and then some..thing..body took over the mantraing and stuff and he announced himself as my tulpa. fluttershy was just an image.
  6. well i was basically not functioning the whole day and was tired.
  7. (Unrelated side-note: Cacuu the almighty sounds like Aku the almighty)
  8. Ayaze

    The MLP Thread

    Favorite mane 6 (most-least) Fluttershy Rarity Twilight Rainbow AJ Pinkie
  9. I cannot STAND the hypnosis joke in cartoons anymore ive been through the process and its... different
  10. Ayaze

    The MLP Thread

    *I am not flaming you for not liking this show* *I only would request you try the show (if you like) before making judgement on THE SHOW itself.* *The fandom (well, facets of it) are still bad.*
  11. I did it because reasons. TIP: "Zephyr, hopefully" seems like doubt. According to the gods of tulpamancing, doubt is your enemy. But i am inexperienced at the art,
  12. I recommend Linkzelda's guide. I can not recommend it enough.
  13. We listen to a lot of Smooth McGroove. Like, a lot of Smooth McGroove.
  14. IT IS FINE. I've been around long enough to see your point of view. We are both at fault, and regretful of our actions. But hopefully, it should end in unity.
  15. I have a friend with voices in their head.
  16. I'm *probably* a bit too young to have a tulpa, but I have justified reasons, read all of the disclaimers, and I have been in charge of a life before. And I'm asexual, if that makes any of you feel any better. And people say I act like I'm 20 on forums, so you have that. I personally (my opinion probably shouldnt have standing) think that only maturity matters.
  17. Ayaze

    The MLP Thread

    How does this thread not exist. I think it would be fair to say that if you can say that you have similar life philosophies to a character in a show, THATS A GOOD CHARACTER(S).
  18. Ayaze

    Good vs. Evil

    Hello LZ. Thank you for your narration guide. 52 (I'm gonna be that kind of person)
  19. UGH. It's been a while. I basically "trapped" fluttershy in my wonderland, so i have to go down there inside my mind in order to talk. And also, we listen to Smooth McGroove. A lot. And recently, (this was around 14:30 btw) i went inside the cabin (in my wonderland) and fluttershy was sleeping. What does this mean?
  20. Currently, Fluttershy is • Sentient • Able to listen, answer yes/no, communicate simple thoughts and feelings • Has interests (Music, sofar) I have created a wonderland. I try to communicate on that plane.
  21. I'm a bit new here, and making a tulpa for serious matters, and amber thought b/c of bad phrasing and stuff that i was a troll, so this must be pretty serious. I hope this doesn't destruct.
  22. Well, I was before and didn't, but I have now. (ITS IN BETAA)
  23. I seem to be singing a lot to my tulpa. Like, all day long. I'm getting lots of songs on my mp3 so it isn't singing-in-public-to-nobody-strange-like. What are your experiences with this?