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  1. Seconding Leijona , it's a shame to see you go , even though i agree with you and can completely understand why you're leaving. You're probably the last (fairly)old member i remember i could relate to from this site that's leaving. I just thought i'd say thank you for posting this entire report , it has helped throughout the year and has been quite an interesting read. it's nice to see you're doing well with Samantha , i hope everything stays like that for you.
  2. "thauma" means miracle. A thaumaturge is a person who can work miracles. the next person has a progress report
  3. http://community.tulpa.info/thread-having-headaches?highlight=orange+juice the next person has an imposed tulpa
  4. 아니. The next person uses DVDs for backups.
  5. I thought we had all concluded we don't have the equipment needed to test/confirm our "theories" and therefore could not continue research. (then again , there never was any serious research going on was there?)
  6. people really are treating this like it's a cult or something , eh? *Cult.
  7. true the next person hasn't been on the shoutbox channel for at least 5 days
  8. Since when? I thought "tulpas" was the correct term can we agree that it's also the more correct one as well?
  9. 412


    (don't ask. just don't.)
  10. Crowds , communication with others in general , any external sounds (if they're loud enough) and cold.
  11. At the time i was quite fascinated by the whole association with hallucinations and the likes , as well as being interested in the fact that it could potentially have completely different beliefs/thought patterns from me.