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  1. So, a few days ago I carelessly mentioned Tulpas at the dinner table to my parents and older brother. They didn't seem too interested in it. The next night, I commented about how cool Tulpas were and my mom said she was going to look it up. My dad didn't like all the time I was spending on the internet and said I should focus on things with more immediate effects on my life, like studying(I have testing this week). So, this night, my mom had found pages about Tulpas. It should be known that she is very religious(while my dad's more scientific, but he still doesn't approve). So apparently, she found pages about which craft, Buddhism and Tulpas, which she immediately dissapoved of. She said it's something I shouldn't get into, despite my rather weak argument. I'm still ticked off, but I can kind of understand how weird it would be to have your early-teenage years daughter showing interest in something that is witchcraft related. (If this is confusing, it's because these events just happened and I'm not sure how to put it) My dad, on the other hand, said it was vain and that he didn't understand why someone would want to make a tulpa. So, do you have any really informative/misconception-clearing pages on Tulpas or anything on the positive effects a tulpa can have? I want to at least inform my dad on Tulpas, if not convince him that there are good reasons someone would want one. P.s: Keep in mind, both of my parents are exhibiting anomalous behavior here. My mom isn't the one to call "Demons and evil!1!!1!" on everything(or anything, really), while my dad isn't usually so quick to dismiss me. Both of them are no stranger to doing extensive research on a topic.
  2. Hmmm..well, she's Sly, Creative, Confident, Reliable, Hard-working, Open-minded, Courageous, Rebellious, Caring, Clever, Sneaky, Honest, Skeptical, Freethinking Blunt, Compulsive, Devious, Fiery, and Sly...
  3. What does someone have to do to make their tulpa a genius?
  4. I've been passive forcing and narrating to my tulpa for about two weeks now. I think I can heR her talking to me sometimes in my mind voice, but I'm not entirely sure. But, two days ago, I was trying to think about my tulpa when I felt something(a hand, maybe?) on my shoulder. No one else was in the room, and I haven't started working on imposition. Could that've been my tulpa, or my imagination?
  5. Thanks for responding! I was worried about the whole "developed brain" thing.
  6. Is there such a thing as "too young" for a tulpa? If so, what is it?
  7. Okay, thanks. I've only been doing forcing with my eyes closed half of the time. Just four days? Or even two? Wow...it seems like people on here are getting fast results.
  8. How many days did it take for your tulpa to talk? I'm really looking forward to hearing my tulpa's voice... Also, is forcing you have to do with your eyes closed?
  9. Day One: Sat down and did "The Greeting Phase"(you sit down for about thirty minutes, and think about your tulpa's personality traits. Basically, you're getting to know it). It went well, and I was very relaxed during it. Day Two: My tulpa's name is Cherry Socata, but she can change it if she wants. Todsy, I narrated for about an hour. I read to her and watched videos with her. It will be interesting to find out what kind of music she likes. Day Three: I started working on a personality spreadsheet for her personality+passive forcing Day four: Forgot to type this earlier. Passive forcing, and when I read the personality spreadsheet, it really helped me get a feel for her personality. Day Five: Passive forcing in school. I think I may have heard her say something, but I can't yet distinguish between parroting and her actual words. Day Six: I can definitely feel her presence now. I narrated to her at school, and I'm trying to decide what I want the wonderland to look like.
  10. Okay, so I've been looking up information about tulpas for a while now, and I want make one. Last week, I read various guides on tulpas. I've also read a few progress reports, and it seems like they're getting results in the first week. The main guide I'm reading is Methos' "May the Force Be With You" guide, where they mentioned "Greeting Phase." Tomorrow(or later today) when I try this, I'll explain how it works to people who haven't read that guide. But today, I don't think I'll start this. Feel free to comment/suggest things on here. This is my first time making a tulpa, so I'm not very experienced.
  11. I'm new to these forums, and I was wondering how to get one.