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  1. Well, s'up. Name's Masa. So... yeah. That stuff. Hiii! My name's Halo, and I would LOVE to see you all here! It would be a delight to hug every single one of you if it were possible! The rest of my tulpa didn't want to make their intro... hehe...
  2. This makes me wanna go into this and give myself painful feelings every now and then. Like automatic foot cramps.
  3. Holy shit, this is an active community. Hi. And all that nonsense. Eh... intro intro... I've rushed up a little and decided to make 4 tulpa in a month's span. Still undeveloped, but there's that now. They are; Halo, Rick, Haviel, and Ratchayell. All in that order of their creation. So, yeah, treat 'em nicely.... I guess. I'm much more active on the chat, tho. So if you want to, you can talk to me there when I'm there.
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