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  1. Oh dear, looks like we haven't updated this in a while...! Truth be told, with the new term of university starting, I've been quite busy preparing for it, leading to not visiting the forum quite as much. However, there actually hasn't been that much to post. Barely any developments since the last entry, although I have made the observation somewhat recently that Heather tends to be more talkative at night, and sometimes we've had long-ish conversations in bed (although she still isn't using any complex language or stringing together long sentences). Although I've been finding it hard to set as
  2. This isn't a proper entry, but a friend drew a great picture of Heather that I wanted to share! I'd embed it into the post but it's enormous, so click here to view it! Heather loves it, and so do I! The skin is a little darker than how she actually looks, but that's okay. :3
  3. (19/09/14) Day 13: Road? Tarmac. ...Damn. So, I guess we're coming up on the two week mark! Not a whole lot has happened since the last entry - Heather has stayed at pretty much the same level of vocality, occasionally speaking single set words or phrases, and has started to more frequently communicate through images, especially of herself nodding, shrugging, etc. in response to things that I say or ask her about. I'm okay with this, even if it potentially means her vocal development will slow down a little. I want her to be able to advance at her own pace, so if she'd prefer to use non-
  4. Thanks for the comments Jeff! I think you're absolutely right on all counts - and from what I've read of your progress report, I'm certain Jess is making great progress even when you aren't actively forcing it. :)
  5. (14/09/14) Day 8: Trouble in Wonderland Today I learned that I need to practice what I preach. Kind of sets a negative tone for the rest of the entry I guess, but hey - not every day can be super wonderful and sunshine and rainbows. :P If you've been following our journal so far, you'll know that we've been making some really great progress. By the end of our first week together, we had communicated a little (once or twice we had short conversations, even), and Heather has shown me confirmations of her sentience more than just a few times by doing silly, cute or downright surprising t
  6. I agree with fennecgirl, but I also just wanna add some thoughts of my own. When it comes to tulpa, the reason everyone says belief is vital is because there are so few - if any - ways to definitively identify your tulpa as sentient, or as truly vocal and not being parroted early on. You have to believe that your tulpa is talking to you and acting independently because they literally thrive and depend on attention and belief to grow. People say 'you can't accidentally parrot' because it promotes that vital belief in your tulpa. I don't want to put words or actions in your mouth but it ki
  7. I'm interested to know what exactly made you suddenly think, after months, that what you had been experiencing was parroted? It honestly sounds like actual vocality was happening and then you suddenly got big doubts and decided that everything had been parroted... you know what they say about belief being important and doubt basically being a tulpa-killer.
  8. (11/09/14) Day 5: Motion (I really couldn't think of anything smart) Day 5 was pretty cool, to be honest. Why? Well, Heather started moving around a LOT and acting of her own accord by the end of the day. A lot happened, and it'd take a long time to talk about every single little thing - as much as I'd love to gush about her and the progress we're making I don't have a whole load of time to write this. So, thing number #1 that happened! I saw a post that suggested an activity with your tulpa where you ask them to surprise you. We were laying on a bed in our wonderland when I aske
  9. Really interesting journal. :D I like the idea of being next to each other in the Wonderland making it easier to communicate through passive forcing, I'll try that out myself too! I'm looking forward to reading more!
  10. Thanks for the kind comments, Sakura and Sarah! Yeah, I won't worry about it, I'm sure her voice will become more distinguishable with time. :) And I'm sure Heather appreciates everyone's kindness too! She's been pretty active today, so expect an entry later!
  11. Hi Marie, thanks for reading, and thanks for the warm reply and compliments! :3 Yeah, I decided that after the symbolic 'cutting of the strings', anything she does or appears to be doing is her acting of her own will. The way I see it now is that although I might be able to conjure up an image of her and control her in any scenario, that's not her; rather it's more of a clone or something, like how we can buy toy soldiers or dolls and make them enact something (though they are not the real thing, just representations). I'm unable to puppet/control the 'real' her because I cut the 'puppet st
  12. Agni is super cute. Like, wow, super duper cute. I love the scarf. Heather and I are pretty new to tulpamancy. We're still in the early stages, but we've been making fast progress. She's spoken to me a few times already, and from the few words she's said, I can already tell she's got some biting sarcasm and is pretty laid back. I'm basically the opposite and am a massive worrywart. >_> I'd be extremely appreciative if you could make some art of what we know about Heather so far, which is primarily stuff from shoulder-up. Her hair is pretty thin, and the opposite of... well, bu
  13. (10/09/14) Day 4: Speech Honestly, today was a really great day, and I feel like I have a lot to say but am not entirely sure how to say it, so excuse me if this entry seems a little rant-y or word salad-y. :P To start off, I'd like to paste a reddit post I made earlier today that'll provide a bit of context to this entry. So, following that, I'll cut to the chase - Heather spoke to me today, and multiple times at that. The things she said were small phrases of one to three words. The most notable event, in my opinion, is related to the quote above. To put it bluntly, I'd been st
  14. Welcome to the writing-y place of Ninki Nanka and Heather. Ninki: a 20 year old girl in her third year of university, studying for an undergraduate degree. Heather: her tulpa! Feel free to comment in this topic, as I'd love to get feedback and talk about my entries~! If something mid-entry is bolded like this, it means I'd appreciate comments on that particular part of the entry. Preamble I guess I'll start by just talking about what we've done so far? I don't usually write journal/progress report things like this so it'll take a some getting used to! I discovered tulpamancy
  15. Hey everyone! Believe it or not, I discovered tulpamancy through a somewhat negative, critical post about it on a particular subreddit. The ideas intrigued me a lot and I looked further into it and, well, here I am. After reading a lot of guides and introducing myself to the general concepts involved, I decided to get started with tulpa creation! Until she can confirm whether or not she's okay with the name, I've been referring to her as Heather, and we're working on forcing her daily. It's exciting as all hell and I'm looking forward to participating in the community.
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