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  1. Still time yet, but I've already changed mine. Christmas is sad here, because here doesn't snow. (Not mentioning that here is a hellish heat during Christmas). Christmas is called "Natal" here in Brazil.
  2. Same here. It's hard to distinguish. I always assume is her talking, even though she have the same "voice" as me.
  3. I feel the same. My Tulpa, Rin, she have ten years old, so, yeah, I feel like she's my daughter or my little sister, something like that. But, sometimes she talks like an adult, saying pretty deep things.
  4. The Master


    Portuguese and Spanish is really similar, you almost wrote right. But what is written it's somewhat like this: "Also these are the years which develop the large urban centers and highlights the massification, also comes the desire to escape, to escape from the routine of the cities and rest the minds of the pressure." I don't know if "highlights" is the correct way to translate this. The real word is: "Evidence", but if I put the word "evidence", the phrase will end awkward. I don't know either if the phrase makes sense. This is an phrase from my tourism research. I laughed a lot with this. _________________________________________________ Ctrl+v: "Now for my ctrl+v: núcleos urbanos e se evidencia a massificação Oh, and now Its that cause I went to see what that meant after I typed that up...damn you! You knew this would happen!" I ctrl+v that to quote your message above. Yeah, I didn't pressed the "reply" button, just wrote the code.
  5. "I am I, and you is you. I am you, and you is also me." -I don't know if this is written right. She means that she is herself, and I am myself, but, we are the same. I don't know if I expressed myself right: We have our own thoughts, our own feelings, but we are just one. Something like that.
  6. The Master


    "Também estes são os anos em que se desenvolvem os grandes núcleos urbanos e se evidencia a massificação, surge também o desejo de evasão, escapar da rotina das cidades e descansar as mentes da pressão." I was doing a research paper for school. You will not understand what is written, it's Portuguese.
  7. When I started, I made her with brown eyes. But then, she changed to a deep ice blue eyes. I saw her with green eyes one time, but it was very fast.
  8. That was very cute. She got embarrassed and looked at the floor, and then, she said: "Is there something wrong?" Her face was very red. She did something like this:
  9. I've saw an video from you before. It was: "Imposition". You are good at it. Pretty beautiful music.
  10. Soda is an refrigerant? Well, I think it's Pepsi. What was the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you?
  11. Visual imposition too. After she gets fully vocal, I'll give my all to it.
  12. That's creepy. _________ It's somewhat like this: When I started, the place was like Araragi's room. But then she changed a lot the place.
  13. This happens to me too. But i'm sure that is not related to Tulpa. This happened yesterday when I was forcing. I'm not sure what is, though. But I noticed when my body gets dormant, this occurs more too. I think it's normal. Oh, this regularly occurs when I try to do WILD (Wake Induced Lucid Dream), but that is another thing. - Just telling that this thing has occurred to me even without knowing about Tulpas before.
  14. Sorry, I didn't mean that. English is not my native language, I put the wrong words again. I meant: "Like yours, my Tulpa is also not vocal". - I think it's that. I just did three months of English course last year.
  15. I tried actually, but my Tulpa isn't fully vocal like yours. Not that she didn't want to, but because she couldn't. I will try to tell her to search something in my memories, hope it works, haha. (No) - This answer may change eventually.