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  1. solarchariot, I liked your perspective :) On an unrelated note, I wanted to some quick corrections to some old information I presented here. There are no demonic entities, except those of which you define reality to have based on a relationship with yourself. Your worst fears about reality will be embraced and healed as time goes on as your view of reality aligns with truth. There are no scary messages from beyond the veil, only disarming truths that expose your fear. Once you let go of the fear, you will have a zen relationship with disarming truths. If I were to make the claim “creatio
  2. By the way, I loved the recording. Yeah, I didn’t intend to say more, but I didn’t expect someone to have a nightmare trip. The most important thing to show a panicked person is that you’re not panicked that they’re panicked. The biggest thing going through their mind is that they can spread their psychic state nightmare onto other people in their reality. I figured you guys should know so you see what the worst case scenario looks like. There is another way for things to go amiss. Usually people are able to connect with my personal energies when they read my writing so that we psychically
  3. I’ve distributed my psychopath writing to a slightly larger forum, and I’m sensing people’s reactions and evaluating how they’re taking it. The message is something that arises from a very deep level of programming. If you felt woozy or light headed on the last line, then you’re taking it well. The message usually has to well up from inside of you, so it’s good to let it wash over you. For a few people it doesn’t quite happen. The problem is when someone feels their survival is on the line and they have to frantically analytically structure their salvation. What do people do when they realize
  4. If you want to distribute that last writing on the internet, I would use the following warning label: Warning: this writing will extremely transform your view of reality and open doors your ego has kept shut for your protection. This disclosure could severely impact your psychological condition. Do not read this if you are afraid of advanced-level understandings of reality. You were warned. I posted this is in a blog an hour ago on Fimfiction and Eka’s portal as well. I’m kind of sitting on my throne over there, since I’ve been disturbing them for years. I guarantee you the ride scared
  5. At the risk of going off topic, I’m finished talking about the government for now. I’ll go ahead and explain how the mind of a killer can work, because that's my specialty. This one's going to be a ride as well. Warning: this writing will extremely transform your view of reality and open doors your ego has kept shut for your protection. This disclosure could severely impact your psychological condition. Do not read this if you are afraid of advanced-level understandings of reality. You were warned. I'm a psychopath. For me, the most exciting way to kill is to go after unwilling targets.
  6. Sorry if I disturbed you. I just stepped over a few boundaries, like the boogie man emerging from the closet. As the depth of me is exposed, people see a reflection of themselves in me. So their reaction was to let me know that I just excited them in a good way and that I’m in good company. I think it’s exciting to excite others, just by emerging upon them. If I appear shameless and take them for a ride, that’s just how badly I want to breach our realities so that we can go home.
  7. They act in a more subtle fashion than you might expect, like sending me messages on my television. It could involve other branches of government, too. I’m not exactly sure. But at their level of technology it’s got to be pretty far behind the curtain. I don't actually know if they can read my mind, but by reading my energy signature they can tell what kind of mental state I am in. I’ve developed my ESP so that I can notice when there are timeline shenanigans encroaching on my reality. When people I live with suddenly have a different energy and proposition criminal activity, I notice. The
  8. I figured I would share this with you guys, since my spiritual tulpamancy probably contributed to my situation in the eyes of the government. As far as I can tell, they are level-headed people. They are surveilling all of my internet activities and everything. I can safely say they understand me and the things that I’m going through. They’ve noticed that over the last few months, my ability to psychologically disturb others seems to be going up, in a way that is not normal for humanity at this time. Presumably if I cross a certain line then they’re going to react to me, but for now they’re
  9. Yeah, I guess when you say it like that, I'm starting to sound nuts. I originally felt upset at the implication I'm undisciplined because 1) I assumed I've had more discipline in my life than most people and 2) recently I've loosened up my mind because discipline never made me happy. I chose to joke about it, I forgot I joked about it, all I remember is the mental debate that spawned in my head about where I stand on the concept of mental discipline and my self-image. I've come to the full decision that I do not wish to exert any control over my tulpa. A possibly exception would be a D/s se
  10. I apologize, you caught me off guard with a highly intelligent response. It's just I'm prepared to fight everyone I guess because I meet a truckload of resistance to my choices and who I am on a daily bases from everyone around me on virtually every issue. Lucilyn suggested I lacked discipline like a month ago and I guess I never let it go. I only assumed it had to have something to do with meditation because I thought that everyone but me meditates and so it became me against others really easily. I admit I have emotional issues, but you know I stand by a lot of my sentiment because I'
  11. I am inclined to agree with tulpa001 on muscle control. There's a lot that a tulpa is capable of, but they may not be able to perform the same tricks in the same way as it happened in my circumstances. I do not know. Lucilyn, the links you provided are very good. That guy is like me: he doesn’t get a lot out of meditation, but does benefit from D/s. However, I get the impression that D/s is not your thing Lucilyn, so you are rapidly losing rapport with me. I created my tulpa through sexual daydreaming and masturbation and if there was any wonderland it was a sexual fantasy and that is al
  12. That's a fair evaluation of course. I'm playing with a new philosophy. "First, do no harm, unless the person being harmed is experiencing arousal for sure." Something like that. The rules don't need to be that rigged lest we get too analytical about an intuitive experience. I'm having an ongoing exploration of my sexuality, so understandings are developing and not always in ways that other people will agree with but that's choice and they haven't experienced the same things I have. Anyhow, the choking thing doesn't happen anymore. Well, of course she has to do it now, but that's the law of
  13. Yup, my tupp's smarter than me, I'm just a human-monkey after all.
  14. I looked at my mouth in the mirror and I don't see anything amiss, but I don't really know what to look for. I am not sure if my airway really closes, but I think it does, right where the bottom of my chin meets my neck. In car driving situations, she left me alone somewhat, enough for me to know that while I was not off the hook entirely, she may have recognized some circumstances may not be appropriate. In a way I did not like this, because I was hoping to learn from her example that it's never not appropriate for having your way sexually. That would be the most liberating way of life. Oh
  15. Yeah I never thought of that, the tables are turned. Revenge of the Tulpas, used as sex slaves for too long. lol I would have some tips for making your hostie nervous, but I would not want to sell out my own kind.
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