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  1. I've used the Tulpa creation script about three times. I see Vixy each time and can just barely sense her presence when I think about her outside of the trance. Though I suspect that the hypnosis would work better if I could do breathing exercises at the same time. Has anyone tried recording MP3s of these scripts?
  2. Oh yes. Farscape. In the second season the main character, John Crichton, gets a "neural clone" of the main named villain of the series in his head, whom he nicknames "Harvey". He manifests to taunt him about every other episode, but sometimes decides to help. In the third season John gets some control over Harvey, like dressing him up in silly outfits or taking him to a Wonderland based on his hometown and throwing him in a dumpster. And there's one episode where John is in a coma and lucid dreaming, then he turns "Harvey" into a Looney Toon and manifests some caricature thought-form
  3. Aristoi by Walter Jon Williams has many high-ranking members of the meritocracy creating tulpas called daimones to help them multi-task, of course they have Brain/Computer Interface implants that would allow them all to speak digitally at once.
  4. That article was actually how I found this site, there's a link in it. Though I came across the article in another forum, and there was a tulpamancer in that thread.
  5. You can call me Zarp, or Zar. I'm interested in the idea of creating a tulpa, but, I'm not sure I can devote get myself to devote the time to the process. There's so many things I want to do to improve myself, learn new languages, develop lucid dreams, write fiction, find a better job, but I just end up screwing around online! I'm also somewhat ashamed to say I learned about the community from that article on VICE, specifically via a thread on the Eclipse Phase forum. However I've heard about tulpas in relation to Buddhism before, and read plenty of science-fiction where split personal
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