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  1. Alright thanks guys that was all very helpful. And yes servitor servient whatever lol. Anyways i am ready to begin making a tulpa. Where do i begin? Shoul i find a.nice quiet area and close my eyes and meditate on it? Tips on beginning is what i would like now.
  2. Thanks for the replies guys. Very helpful and motivating. I think i would like to begin by saying i want tocpractice my visualization skills. So if anyone can offer up a couple links to mind training as i call it i would appreciate it. Secondly, i was googling about where tulpamancers stem from and found out it has to do with ancient Tibetan monks, and i came across several interesting articles, including one that said monks were able to mentalize a form in their head and use it to enter the heavenly bodies. That intrigued me so much, and makes me wonder what other things are possible. I very much would liketo start meditating simply for the fact of soul searching, if anyone couls offer links up about ancient mediation practices, meditation phenomenons, things people have achieved, ideas about it, theories, whatever may seem interesting, i would appreciate that too. I am on mobile and do not possess a internet on a computer, so it is very hard to internet search, which is why i ask of y ou guys to maybe help me. Now, as for the personalities of a tulpa. Could i hypothetically create a tulpa with several traits that i give to the tulpa whether he she likes it or not. For example, undying love for me, the opinion that they are not extremely interested in switching, although they may want to try it but its not something he she cares abut too much, and slow to anger, idk, would it upset the tulpa if i gave it a couple permanent traits that he.she has no choice.but to have. Secondly, i am only hypothesizing as of roght now. And i am pretty sure i would like my tulpa to create its own visualization. I want to give him her a rough idea of what he she looks like, and allow them to build and construct themselves the way they want. Simply because i am not very good at visualization, and chances are i will forget what i created. Also, while creating, i wpuld most lilely attempt to visualize it as a character creation screen, such as from the sims, or skyrim, you know? Thats how i would go about it.
  3. Thats how i am. I think i have something wrong with me, but i am not sure. Am i normal? Am i not? Idk confused i guess. I ignore it most of the time
  4. Hey, so my name is Nathan, and i recently saw a thread about tulpas on 4chan. I was extremely interested and decided to research it a little bit. I have always had an interest in psychology, and have always thought the mind was a powerful thing. I would very much enjoy a tulpa companion, but i want to make sure it turns out perfectly. So i have a couple questions. First off, i am not sure what is wrong with me mentally. Part of me thinks i may have mild ashbergers, part of me thinks i am not a normal thinking person, and part of me thinks its all in my head (mostly due to my mother always telling me growing up that i wasnt normal and that i had mental issues. I have gone to countless appointments and stuff with psychologists growing up, being diagnosed with things ranging from, bipolar, ashbergers, adhd, schizo effective disorder, and maybe a few other things. None of which i am currently taking meds for) anyways i fit in to society pretty well, but i do do some weird things that most people dont do. So my first question is this Should i make a tulpa if i feel that my personal psyche may conflict/ruin my tulpa. Another question is, i am worried that with my psyche, i may go crazy and develop some sort of multi personality disorder or just simply lose my mind. Third, how often is it that a person with a messed up psyche created a tulpa and it caused issues. Fourth, i want to create a tulpa, not a servient. What happens if i were to mess up my tulpa and got stuck with a, for lack of better word, retarded tulpa. Is it possible to undo them? And finally, my creativity/ imagination is not very ggood. For example, i can not close my eyes and imagine a detailed picture of anything. Its more like a roug construct. Like if i try to imagine a car driving down a road, or a pencil writing, it would be very vague. Basicly not very good at imagining things. I just need some advice