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  1. It's been a long time since I've visited this thread. I have no idea whats going on here anymore.
  2. Oh wow. This is indeed a bit of an old thread. Fitting for Halloween...I guess? Well its here now. I'm a straight guy, my first tulpa was a straight guy, but after that it's been all straight females.
  3. I doubt many people here will remember me. I posted a bit here what seems like ages ago. I had some personal issues, but I guess I'm back now, though idk how active I will be.
  4. This is basically like asking what you should talk to anyone about. Say you're on a date or just hanging out with a friend. What do you talk about? ...Well, idk, I'm socially awkward. Why do you think I ended up doing tulpamancy to begin with? But the point is, they are no different than anyone else. It can be hard to maintain a conversation with anyone, and the same goes for a Tulpa. The only issue with Tulpas, at least when they are still in early development stages, is that they may not really be capable of driving a conversation or having interests or topics to talk about, leaving most of the work to you.
  5. Can Tulpa Shower Thoughts be a thing?
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    http://i.imgur.com/uCqhfQ8.gif I use a lot of gifs on imgur to comment with.
  7. Post counts are still stuck I see. Oh. Right. Yeah I guess I'm back. Eh.
  8. Eh. It sounds like you're just transitioning from Tulpish to a more exact communication method. Someone else could probably help you more. I never really went through a tulpish phase with any of mine(though on reviving them it seems like I may be going through it. We'll see.)
  9. I hadn't heard others do this but I had actually started doing this a while back. It hasn't really helped me any, but it's given me sort of a peace of mind. Kind of like how someone might write a letter to a deceased friend or lover in the hopes that whatever may go on after death that they can see it...sort of similar in that wherever they may be buried in the subconscious or perhaps even spiritually dead in a manner similar to a deceased friend, that they can somehow see it. I may try it more in the future. When I was doing it, I was pretty well convinced that she was in fact essentially dead in a more spiritual manner or whatever, and that could likely have been preventing me from any progress on reconnecting that I may otherwise have made. Even if it doesn't help, I'd certainly recommend it as a time killer and a stress reliever if nothing else.
  10. I'm not really religious anymore, but when I started I was pretty hardcore Christian. I didn't really choose my tulpa personalities, and none of them ended up being Christian. One was spiritual but in a weird new agey way that made me nervous. Not to mention that she was half demon...I was always kind of conflicted whether I should be trying to convert them(or at least make them less mean and rude)...in the end though I decided not to, and(through no influence of theirs to soothe your fears) I'm now...uh...something that isn't Christian. More like...agnostic Machiavellian. Not that that's a thing, but it sums up my belief system pretty well.
  11. That is...creepily similar to my situation. I have a tulpa who has been with me since...I guess sometime in 2012 or 13 as well. Out of nowhere she just sort of left on Thanksgiving last year. I've been pretty devastated since, and haven't really been near the forums(need to update my avatar, it's still prepped for Christmas...) I've had...little success so far in recovering. Oh, and I'll mention that I also have more of a metaphysical start and background with this before I've acclimated to tulpamancy specifically. Which I'm glad I did, as if I still clung to the metaphysical side, I'd mark it off as a lost cause, with her having somehow "died". As I was saying...I've had little success so far. It seems like there's a bit of a sort of whisper in the back of my head, but it's so hard to tell if it is actually her, or just my own puppeting so to speak since I know her so well. It's nowhere near the fully imposed and possession/switching capable tulpa that I had before though. I can only hope that she redevelops faster than normal, as seems to be the general consensus. But even if not, it would be wonderful if it just was her, even if 2+ years of work went out the window.
  12. Hah. Calm was Ravens defining attribute too. I still use her mantra every time I'm feeling emotional
  13. This is one of the few "fun" threads in this section, and I don't want it to die, so I'll double post instead of editing. Don't kill me. I already did Jade, but I decided to try Callie. She looked confused at first, then she stared back seductively, then she licked/bit her lip. She also looks like a 22 year old version of Jade who I'm in a relationship with. I might have peed a little. When Jade gets back from her vacation she's going to be so pissed about this...
  14. Took the pretest. First part of the timed test was easy and took less than 20 sec. I seriously struggled with the abstract reasoning portion of it, and I'm relatively certain I missed at least one of them. Weakness in abstract reasoning runs In My family it seems. I'll also be in the control group. I passive force nearly 24/7 so I'm working on sort of passive imposition if you will. So, I'll have many hours of low concentration imposition practice.
  15. Mine hates far more than I could fit in a single post or remember without her being here right now. She's addicted to black coffee I think, and I hate the stuff. As long as she's possessing or switched we're good though. OH! I can't believe I almost forgot: Jade is vegan, though not by choice, but due to gluten and other food allergies caused by stomach infections she's had.
  16. Outgoing, rude, masochistic to an extent, enjoys others sadness, independent, brutally honest but not afraid to lie for herself, beautiful, musical, theatrical, creative, an excellent writer, scary, goth, loud, loves scissors, loves coffee, loves bunnies, hates:rainbows, yellow, pink, the word panties, bras that hook in the front, shrimp with tails still on them, ducks, parades, lobster bibs...you get the idea.
  17. As one of the more spiritually minded members here, I'll do what I can to help. What you describe seems pretty unique. You say he split from yourself. This sounds more like a trauma based multiple system than a typical tulpa. The similarities and differences between a multiple system and a tulpamancer is debatable, but I think most would agree that there are differences. Have you begun taking any new medications recently? Especially any sort of psychiatrical medicines. In some soul bonding/multiple communities, I have heard that some medicines can cause something similar to this to happen. If this is desired, then they will often continue to take the meds until the entity disappears, and it's relatively rare for it to return even after one stops taking the meds. If this is not desired, they May stop taking the drugs, and over time the connection reestablishes. If you are on any meds, I am not advocating you stop taking them by any means. Please know what you are doing, and talk to your doctor if you thin this may be the case. Explaining your issue may be difficult, but even most psychiatrists are understanding. It's not unheard of for them to be multiple as well. Another possibility is that you are subconsciously trying to dissolve him. Your post suggests that you aren't entirely comfortable with him being dominant, and you seem worried that he may essentially overshadow yourself. If this is the case, all I can suggest is to perhaps see if you can't make yourself dominant over him. I'm not sure how you woul go about this, but if you can manage, it should help alleviate any anxiety the situation may be causing. You could try to merge. You are correct that you probably wouldn't be yourself anymore, unless you decided to essentially dissolve him. You should be able to be more dominant at this point, but he would no longer be able to take control or communicate with you, as you would then be the same entity. More relevant to tulpamancy, I have heard many say that tulpa that essentially had only a single purpose dissolved when they no longer were needed. However, even in these situations, I dont believe I have heard of them dissolving against the creators wishes. In fact, I an the only person I know who has had one dissolve against my wishes, although my situation was quite different from yours. In my case, the tulpa essentially was killed in the wonderland(for lack of a better word. A pocket dimension or something of the sorts might be more accurate), and never returned. Worst case scenario, you should be able to reform him. However he would most likely lose all memories, and possibly developments such as ability to possess and some personality traits. He would be the same person, but It wouldn't be the same as it had been. In my case, if I reformed her it simply wouldn't be the same, having lost all memory of our relationship. The final thing that came to mind is a long shot, but I figured I would throw it out there. Is it possible someone or something is sort of setting up a barrier between you? By this I mean, essentially, magic. You seem to look at this from a spiritual angle, so I think you may be more open to this kind of possibility. Someone/thing could have set up a ward between you that If not broken might lead to complete separation. I can't say I've ever heard of this happening, but something kind of similar happened to me. I mentioned the pocket dimension that mine went to when she died earlier. I tried to follow her there via astral projection, and couldn't. She had warded it specifically to block me, and I couldn't break it. I'm honestly not sure how one would go about breaking such a warding if it is indeed in place, but if it is the case, then it least now you know, and knowing is half the battle. I would suggest researching circle magic, and if circles can be broken. Some sort of ritual to break a circle, if it exists, might just work. Another thought is that either you or He is putting up the ward, as was so in my case. I'm sure you wouldn't do it intentionally, but if you had somehow done so subconsciously, it should be simple to remove it. And of course, if you don't believe in magick, you can simply ignore the last two paragraphs I suppose. Sorry for such a long post, was just writing as thoughts came to me as I racked my brain.
  18. So you say. 2012 was immensely successful if you ask me. We reelected Obama after all(no hard feelings, I unfortunately voted for him too. Lesser of two evils and all that).