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  1. It kind of sounds like you're looking for her to actually say something, but have you payed any look out at all for emotional responses and/or head pressure? Your tulpa might be trying to reach out to you in that way. Also, do you ever sit down and try to just be quiet? Not narrate at all, but just try to listen for them? That's helped me a couple of times. Try asking yes or no questions. That's helped me before. And also, as others have already said--definitely spend more active forcing time. Now, don't be alarmed because it could be that your tulpa is just slow-forming or you're slow at tulpamancing (I'm the latter, too, so just to clarify I'm not trying to be offensive haha), but if you've gone at this for nearly a year then there's a definite chance that narration just won't cut it. Not that narration is unimportant! But there could very well be something else that you haven't tried that could be even better. Active forcing, maybe.
  2. No, you shouldn't feel silly. Especially since your tulpa directly told you that she switched. o.o That's weird. Maybe she's confused as to what switching means.
  3. HA! That's great. But no, James so far hasn't done anything too . . . out there. But then, he hasn't been around for very long, so I dunno.
  4. So recently I've learned that some people get into romantic relationships with their tulpa--just as the title says. I find that pretty interesting, but I've got a sort of obvious question to ask (it's one of those questions that seem to have a really obvious answer, but the answer is so obvious I'm not sure if I'm right or not). What's it like? I mean to say, if you marry your tulpa then are you completely dedicated to them, romantically, and you don't date/whatever anyone else? Or does that change from relationship to relationship?
  5. I told my two best friends. Neither of them believe me, I don't think, though I'm pretty sure the one I've known the longest suspects that it could be true. Though he's also convinced that James is going to kill someone, AND that I've only created James because he we don't live in the same state anymore. He's mega-jealous. The girl . . . well, she's told me that she "doesn't care," but what I think she really means is that she doesn't care to hear about it. She associates it with DID and schizophrenia and whatnot.
  6. Thanks for the advice, everyone! I've made mental notes. Not quite sure why I didn't think of a "Do Not Disturb" sign in the first place, but so long as I know now I'm happy. ^_^; Again, gracias!
  7. Somehow or another, every time I go for the PR, my mind is all in a jumble. Well, anyway. . . . I'll be honest here: I'm a major Potter nerd. It isn't surprising that I've been reading those books to him when I can, in addition to books that I haven't read before and fan fiction (no, really, I'm very nerdy). I'm also fairly big on anti-spoilers, and so the thing that's been keeping me from letting James sift through my mind are them. (Well, okay, in the beginning I didn't want him to go snooping just because it felt too personal, but really, we see each other naked all the time. We've long since passed the point that most people, at least without tulpa, would consider "personal.") I was taking a shower and decided that if I created three doors, with the first being labeled as "Everything," and the other two labeled as a series and a book I want to read to him, then that would be easier for the both of us, in the long run. I wasn't really sure what James wanted to do about looking through all my memories and my subconscious thought and whatnot, so I asked him to summon any energy he may or may not need to apply head pressure, and then try to tell me what he wanted to do: if he just wanted to dive right in, then I would get pressure on my right side of my head; if he didn't want to dive right in but had an idea of what he wanted to do, then he would put pressure in the center of my head; and if he neither wanted to go right ahead nor had an idea of what he wanted to do about it, then he would apply pressure on my left side. Well, as soon as I stepped out of the shower I felt a very slight pressure, that I am assuming was James, in the center of my head. Which is awesome, because I'm pretty sure that this is the first time I've ever felt head pressure from him, though I admit that I might just not have noticed. Not quite sure what he's doing at the moment--I mean, if he's preparing or if he's already through the first door. I told him that I was going to find something else to do so as not to distract him until I was done, and then maybe later on I might call him for visualization or narration. * * * * * Okay . . . so . . . besides that, I also realized that I've been experiencing emotional responses. There are certain excerpts from Harry Potter that James seems to find funny, though I've never thought much of them (as far as humor goes) at all before now. He also seems to enjoy Kuroshitsuji, or Black Butler (which isn't too surprising to me. He enjoys Victorian history). * * * * * And finally, I think I'm going to scrap my basic outline of my wonderland--well, that's not right. What I mean is that I'm going to redraw James' bedroom in hopes that I can make it more clear in my mind, and then slooowly branch out from there.
  8. Hi all! :) Okay, so here's the deal: I know that some tulpa sleep and others don't, and I've got James a bed set up in the wonderland (where I imagine he sleeps), but for weeks now I've more or less been forcing as soon as I wake up, which means that there's a great chance he isn't even awake yet. I didn't realize this until yesterday. ^_^; We aren't very far into the creation process yet, and so it's unlikely for me to be able to get a response if I ask him if he's awake or not every time. Is there another way I can tell if he's sleeping, or should I just go on forcing as if he was and trust that even if he is asleep, he'll hear me when he wakes up?
  9. I could very well be wrong here, but I thought there was a difference between hearing your tulpa's mindvoice and them being vocal? Mindvoice (if I'm right) is what you're describing, whereas vocal would be where it's usually obvious when your tulpa is communicating to you. I think. Anyway, I DO know that things can definitely get clearer from your point. Maybe try to hunt down some vocalization guides, if you haven't already, or possibly ask your tulpa what they think might help the two of you.
  10. I'm afraid that James and I are still in the early stages of creation and so I don't actually know if he can still hear me when I'm not focusing on him, but I've learned to assume that he can't because that helps me to stay focused. Sometimes, though, it can be really hard to do that. I've found that this is ESPECIALLY true at school, when I'm having to read Shakespearean plays and The Canterbury Tales out loud (which aren't hard to understand, but do have a lot of words and phrases that my tongue doesn't want me to pronounce correctly). ^_^ As for your question as to whether or not you need to be focused . . . if Chance says that he can hear you, then not exactly, but if you CAN focus then do so as much as you can. I don't think it's a good idea to beat yourself up if you forget to focus--if you realize you aren't doing it, then just start back up. (Besides, Chance likes it when you focus on him while reading. That's a reason to right there. :) )
  11. Is your tulpa controlling your emotions? No. What I believe he's doing is trying to comfort you, which is not entirely something I have experienced yet, though I have felt some light emotional responses and so I have a pretty good idea at what you're talking about, though it may not sound like it. . . . Alright, I'm rambling here. What I'm trying to say that your tulpa can't control your emotions without you giving him permission (or at least, if he can, I've never heard of any doing that), but he can "take away" the bad things you may be feeling, which sounds very much like what you're experiencing.
  12. Like others have said, I don't think you're moving too fast . . . but I do have to question what you mean when you say that you're done with personality. Do you have a fixed idea in your head of what your tulpa should be and act like? If you do, then I strongly suggest you go back over personality again. And again. And again. The more you do this, the more Ashlynn will be how you imagine her in that respect, too. She's very nearly destined to deviate, of course, but there's a stronger chance she won't if you repeat the process. That being said, the whole issue with tulpa personalities is kind of controversial, as you probably already know. You don't HAVE to work with her personality at all, or you might be using it as a sort of guideline, rather than a "fixed" sort of thing. If you are doing the latter, however, I would still suggest that you repeat the process several times. Just to ensure that she knows how she is. I feel the need to reiterate what you've already said, though, in that everyone does all this differently, and what works for you may not work for other people. Keep in mind that I'm not an expert and you know more about Ashlynn than I do.
  13. Symbolism of all forms is a huge part of tulpamancing, and many people do it many ways. Basically, if it sounds like a good idea to you then it probably is a good idea. Nothing is going to hurt your tulpa (or the creation process) unless it's one of those obvious things (e.g., screaming at them, or otherwise emotionally harming them) OR you make it bad--that is to say, if you are utterly convinced that falling asleep while forcing will harm your tulpa, then it really might. (But by the way, you can definitely fall asleep while forcing. It's fine. You're fine. They're fine.) All that being said, I think that wearing a piece of jewelry, or something else like that, is a good idea. I do think that the above has a solid point about not getting too attached to an object, but so long as you don't do that then you're A-okay. :)
  14. Well, I thought I might want to make an introduction post. :3 I go by many names, so I could care less of what you call me . . . though I think either Brandi or Anastasia would suit nicely. Real name and nickname, respectively. Or you could call me Taco Tuesday. Or Mass Intro. I really don't care. XD My tulpa's name is James, unless he decides he doesn't want to be called James. Currently I've only heard his mindvoice in one sitting (but three times . . . does that make sense?) and he's also helped me achieve a lucid dream, which I've been suggesting he do so that he and I can have more time to force and whatnot even when I'm sleeping. Too bad the alarm went off. . . . Well, outside of that I like to think I'm a fairly open-minded person, though I am a Christian. I don't go around trying to convert every person I see, nor do I insult anyone's religious or spiritual beliefs, and so all I ask from anyone is the same. Oh, and I'm one of those people who loves Harry Potter. (And, just for the record . . . no, I did not name James after James Potter--or James Sirius, for that matter. I just like the name. I didn't even think about it until a few minutes after I said, "Okay, so, your name is James. Unless you deviate.") That, and history and Death Note and psychology and all that good stuff.
  15. I've had some computer problems and so I wasn't able to make a quick update, but at least I can now. ^_^; Last Thursday I had a lucid dream, and I think the credit for that would definitely go to James. I walked into my room and received a . . . pink "box thing," and I knew it was from James and had several things in it that he wanted me to do. I remember one was a quiz on Japanese Hiragana, and then when I went to see the next thing he said to "train the puppy." Outside, in the main hall, was a very small puppy wandering aimlessly on the wall. I walked over to it and realized that I was dreaming. I yelled out for James to come, but I then decided that I really needed to calm down from the mini-high before we worked on his form and whatnot. Unfortunately, the alarm clock rang shortly after.