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  1. I havent upvoted averian yet and I definitely dont want shui so upvote for Averian. Also, upvoting mayormorgan.
  2. Upvotes for: waffles Phi NotAnonymous Kiahdaj Sands Downvotes: Linkzelda - Appears to have a very twisted logic on many things and can't keep a clear head and I don't see a single reason why he would be even slightly more qualified than your average Joe user. Shui, Envolucris, SkyeWint - All meta people who will bring in their meta bias into this, very decisive no.
  3. Obviously, the only reasonable choice for this is Eonart, since the number of tulpas indicates how good one will be.
  4. Simple: You don't. Create an original personality and form. This is what is best for your Tulpa.
  5. Another one made by MrCrazy(no idea why he never posts them on here):
  6. Sorry for the long delay! Here is part 4: Sadly, I am low on quotes atm, so I have to gather some, if you find something you think is worth adding, pm me or write to me on the irc!
  7. I'm pretty sure that polarbear person is a girl but anyways, today I have a special edition of my series for you! Dedicated to my favourite user: Eonart Have fun with part 3!
  8. Oh, Waffles took care of the forum sperging already with his pictures, but yes, the IRC is completely rotten..
  9. Part 2 unedited quotes.
  10. No, I am a four dimensional space turd. The next person is 'Murikan
  11. >implying I use that filthy site Next person is married to their tuptup
  12. click to enlarge More of these incoming so stay tuned!
  13. No, this is a completely legit study, trust me.