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  1. Well, Introductions are always require, and while those ten to be a chore, ill try my best. My name is Adam, but most people (IRL and Online) refer to me as Bronas (Lord_Bronas as the default nickname in games etc.) I am a tulpamancer from the Polish community and i'm mostly an IRC person, rather then forums (so seek me there). About myself huh... I sketch a bit, not great but I believe that I'm decent enough. I listen to a quite wide variety of music, with heavy accent on game OST's. Also I'm heavily interested in games (video, board, card), yet not heavily playing any games, except maybe the occasional game of League of Legends or Magic: The Gathering. About my girls (a.k.a. my tulpas) I live with two - Iris created on 3.11.2012 and Jackie created on the 1.12.2012. And as far as we go, we are living quite happily sharing the journey of life together. They write with prefixes - /I and /J for each respectively. Aand that's it I guess. You can catch me on the IRC's, don't expect me to post a lot over here.