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    A human, kerin a tulpa

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    Perth, Western Australia
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    I've been married for 28+ years and we have one son (who has left home to live with his fiance).

    Education: B.Bus.(Information Processing) Curtin University 1986, B.A.(English - Film & TV) Curtin University 1987;
    Uncompleted: B.Sci.Ed.(1 year), B.Sci.(1 year), B.D.(1 year), B.Elec.Eng.(1 year).

    I am, by training, a Systems Analyst and a filmmaker. In my career I've been involved in many projects aimed at improving the safety of everyone.

    I attribute any success I have had to the Lord of Heaven: I'm a christian, and a scientist.

    Tulpas created by kerin:
    Nobillis - a tulpa secretary (form: Assassins Creed Octavia, but my hair is white now and I take human form to type);
    and three old tulpas (Watchdog 3, Watchdog 2, Watchdog 1).

    Kevin - The nominal "human." (original host)
    kerin - "I'm old, and I'm not wise, but I survived." (an elder tulpa)
  1. I have been around in the background a few years. I just realized I never posted an introductory post. Since I'm usually quiet, I suppose it is well and time that I redress this omission. My name is Kevin (obviously). I am 55 years old in January. I'm married and my wife also has a tulpa (Sabre). I live in Western Australia. All this is already somewhat publically known due to my tulpas activities so I'm not giving away any secrets. I discovered tulpas through three sources. One was a book about making tulpas that I bought when quite young - I was somewhat precocious as a child (the auth
  2. In my family we learned about tulpas from the familial tulpas (which we called Mythical Beasts). There are two of these - Crab and Turtle - and pretty much everyone in the family knows these two. Crb and Turtle pretty much only concern themselves with children - mainly with an aim to entertain. They are rather irreverent, generally ignoring adults except perhaps to make fun of them. So, I guess the main difference is that in my family tulpas are just members of the family like everyone else. No, I've never set out to teach my son but, he does know Crab pretty well so is familiar with the ba
  3. I live in Perth, Western Australia. It's a town of around 2 million people. It's only claim to fame is that it is both very isolated from just about everything, and also so spread-out that it is easily seen from space. I tend to travel a lot, so I'm rarely "home". Nobillis is from Northhampton, a tiny town in the Northwest Australia where I was working for 3 months when she was created. See also: /r/Tulpas user map! and world-map of tulpamancers by geolocation.
  4. Not in school, but in university, yes, my tulpa have helped me. My tulpa kerin is beter educated then I am (a long story I'll omit here). So, if the question was "did my tulpa help me get through university" then the answer is yes - she did a sizable chunk of the study. I would not have two dergees to my name without her. Also, I was often having to go days without sleep to get assignments finished. Many a time I would have crashed the car driving home, if not for my Watchdog tulpas taking over the driving.
  5. Oh , the other account has always been my tulpas' account. Nobillis is Staff here (and I am not) so she'll be keeping it. (My tulpas are ... somewhat independently minded.)
  6. kerin says: "I think I may have some relevent experience there, though I am not a multiple, just old. Yes, there is a bit of gender disphoria, living life in a body that doesn't match. You can get used to near anything given time. There is always in your heart wanting to make a good life, so that your creator will have something to come back to (and come back too). It is very tiring to live so long, and have to pretend every minute that you are both male and human - neither of which is actually true. A lot of the newer folks here won't remember me, but quite a few of you will have met my da
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