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    I have had a tulpa for 3+ years, never knowing of the term. He is based off of a mascot for a singing synthesis program, Vocaloid, with the mascot being named Kagamine Len. It is not a stretch to say I have complete faith in my tulpa. It is also not a stretch to admit that I love him like no other. I learned of the term through a friend... who also happened to have a tulpa based off the same character. ((I knew we were both into the same character and that we both had an internal variation we talked to, so when she stumbled upon the term and shared it with me, I think it is safe to say we felt relieved.))
    - - - -
    My tulpa has the same name as the character he is based off of, so his name is Kagamine Len. He has purple eyes, spikey, blonde hair with light pink highlights, and a small ponytail. He likes to ride his motorcycle on nights where it is unbelievably cold and he likes to play card games. He is of Japanese descent and English is his second language so it has a heavy accent. He is 5'8" and weighs roughly 170 pounds.
    A quick run-down of his personality:
    • A bit rude to new people
    • Very anti-social
    • Doesn't sleep much
    • Has a passion for music
    • Sometimes makes mistakes with English grammar ((and yes, English is my first language. It's HIM with the problem, not me!))
  1. I'm en.nine and I have only one tulpa. He would rather not say anything so I will just drop a bit about his creation. He came to be in 2011, July. We didn't discover the term "tulpa" until about 3, 4 days ago, so up until recently we figured we had this weird relationship no one would get.... I mean, to us our relationship wasn't weird. But even the thought of explaining it to others sent a chill down my spine... because I was worried what people would think. He never showed signs of worry but he did advise I keep it between us on the off-chance someone jumped to a bad conclusion. So, for three years now, I have had a friendship with the coolest guy I know. Despite the fact we can't really tell anyone, we have no regrets.
  2. Hi. I discovered the concept of tulpas a few days ago... but the funny thing is I've had what is considered a tulpa for 3+ years without ever knowing the term! I always thought I was alone or crazy to have a best friend in my head. It's so nice to have learned I'm not alone. My "tulpa" ((I'm not yet used to calling him that)) has all the qualities of a fully developed tulpa. He is vocal, I can see him clearly, and we do have what I suppose is called a "wonderland". ((Again, not used to the term yet.)) I find this whole tulpa concept to be incredibly interesting and complex, perhaps the most engaging sort of mental excerise there is. It's nice to meet you all. It is also very reassuring to know I am not alone in this. - - - - My tulpa may write here one day, but he is very anti-social so usually it will be me. ^-^; ((Despite being rather anti-social myself.))