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    H-Hello! I'm Miyisan, thats Meeyee-San. Or call me Red. I like Red :D.

    SO - I'm basically a beginner Tulpamancer, started in July. I like videogames and Anime - I Roleplay and I like to try and make new friends and be nice to people. Feel free to message me and say hello - I'm always wanting to see some random just say hello... since i'm so damn lonely nowadays ;~;.

    Anyway! Have a nice Morning/Afternoon/Evening! ^_^
  1. Names' Miyi. My two Tulpas are Honesty Yem And Vrii Yem. Vrii being the tulpa of Honesty, they consider themselves sisters - Honesty is 5 months, coming up for 6, and Vrii is 2. Started Tulpamancy in June, started for... more or less to stop myself from feeling lonely. I have a huge fear of it. Thanks to these two i'm good again. My experiences are mostly Imposition - Any kind, Visual, Tactile, Smell, Hearing - I got a knack for it. When I first started it was more of an emotional journey - Traumatic experiences came back on me, though with this I was able to overcome them and get better with
  2. 26/09/14 I don't know what happened to the 25th... but I guess i'll be short here. Well... I got a new charm - To remind me of Honesty, since i've worn it i've hardly kept my mind off Honesty, throughout today I just kept thinking of her each time I looked or felt it. I knew she was there. And I could feel it... For the whole day I was working away at School. I knew she was there. And I spoke to her every so often, I practised the 'Ping Pong' Method. It worked, until I thought I was just tiring Honesty out with it, so I stopped for a bit... Then - I hate myself for it - I stopped for
  3. 24/09/14 I FORGOT ABOUT THE 24TH AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Okay... So... only one big thing happened. The morning, I was speaking with Honesty, and how bad I felt just... not doing enough for her, and again... I experienced a great sense of happiness in my stomach... As if she were saying 'It's okay'... And that was good... At this helped... A lot... I knew it was her, I /felt/ it was her... so... I just... I went with it, and I promised i'd do something special. I would... But I didint... So that night... I was frustrated, again, I couldnt focus, nor could I get into the Mo
  4. Miyisan


    selgood Cant wait to meet some more people! :D
  5. H-Hey! It's time to update! (Since Tulpa.info was down I guess I'll start from today.) 23/09/14. Starting off, The morning was uneventful, and I kinda just went about it... talking to Honesty here and there, getting ready for a full day - I told myself i'd try and think of Honesty most of the day like I was able to before, I wrote her name on the back of my hand, and I was set. Now... Nothing really happened... The day went about quietly, I tried talking to Honesty during the day but I kept getting distracted by other things, people and events around me.... my instinct made me feel so
  6. Thank you for replying! To reply to some things... I'm a very worrying person - No matter what I think I can't shake some things off my mind. And I know... people say with time it will get better and doubts and worries will go away. But they're so potent in my mind and i hate them >.< I concern myself with Parroting and Puppeting because I often daydream, when I'm listening to music. I think of situations to fit, action, sad, disappointment - Depending on the music. And I often make up my own characters ect. I've been roleplaying for a good few years now, and I'm good at putting
  7. Well, lack of a better title since everyone else seems to have taken every idea that my mind thought of ;=;. None the less. I'll keep it short - I'll be posting here every day, hopefully at around 22:30pm GMT+1. Logging each and every day. I'm open for people to help me and people to comment! So whats happened so far, I discovered Tulpas in July from a friend who had one, and then decided a month later to begin. However I didint start off to well as I was doubtful and unmotivated - Unsure and such. It wasnt until around 15/9/14 that I started really focussing on my Tulpa. So far, I have a n
  8. H-Hello everyone! As you can tell, my Name is Miyisan, if you try to pronounce my name, it's Meeyee-San. Just say the first part fast... or call me Red. Red is always easier. I discovered Tulpas in early June from a friend who has one, the idea seemed so interesting to me... But before I could jump the gun and get started I checked the whole thing out first - Sure as sugar, I discovered the many reasons not to. So after a month, I finally decided to begin my Tulpa. On the 30th of July. However it wasn't until a few days ago I discovered this website and the Subreddit, this was in a desperat
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