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    Nosy, are you? ;) jk, hi.
    Since you're here, I'm a failed artist, an amateur writer, gamer and wiccan.
    I have six tulpas: Desmond, L, Nevira, Misa, Roska and Danyla.
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  1. I forgot I need glasses lmao I gotta really squint to even see the mouth
  2. I tried doing that but I think it just ended up looking kinda strange and didn't even help that much with an image so small as the pfp
  3. A sketch dump from several days of doodling and a colored sketch of Nevira putting make up on Danyla lol, it happened the other day and I wanted to draw it
  4. uuugh I sent it, that was stressful... But I'm taking this as a sign that my meds are working because just a month or two ago it felt completely unrealistic to even think of having a job. I'm not too worried about the pay right now, but I put it relatively high I think. It's a position that doesn't require a degree or prior experience so there's no getting rich here.
  5. Roska: Uhhh I don't play that many games, I guess tossing a ball around is fun. It's fun to catch things in the air. Do you have a favorite game?
  6. Roska: I'm not so sure about Dany but I can be mature enough to interact with people here. I hope. I'm trying it out, sorry if I'm a bother. Hi. I wanna go to sleep already but I gotta wait until it's time to walk the dog again eugh.
  7. Roska: (We wanted to keep the "kids" offline until their forms reach a certain age but ah well we're almost there, it's fine if Roska speaks up a little every now and then.)
  8. Just to update what I said last Friday, we've been doing a lot of digging and soul searching or whatever, until we found out that Danyla is most likely demigender, which is someone who identifies partly with a gender but not enough to fully be that gender, there's still a disconnect. They asked if it was okay if they only felt like they were half a boy, which is what led to me discovering that term. I did a little triangle thing for them where one point is male, second female and third agender, and we figured they'd be somewhere between male and agender but only just slightly towards female. Juuuust a tiny bit. So, a demiboy. I'm using they/them right now on this post to kinda see what that feels like, but they're fine with either they/them or he/him. But since they're cool with it I'll probably continue with the he/him going forward, maybe mix it up once in a while for fun or something. He looks very andogynous and probably will grow up that way as well, dresses in clothes with lots of ribbons and strings, wears simple string bracelets and a choker necklace sometimes. Colors are usually black, purple and grey, kinda matching the colors of his horns, hair and eyes lol. Anyway I just wanted to give an update on stuff, don't really have anything else to add.
  9. Lol I thought it was fine. I cried my eyes out finishing up that trilogy. Still do when I watch other people play it. Gonna get that N7 tattoo under my collarbone one day.
  10. I once had a friend who played so much Mass Effect that at one point she'd almost expect a dialogue wheel to show up in irl conversations. But they're the only person I've known to have a gaming problem. I think someone might've said the same about me at one point, but I didn't, and still don't, think it was a probelm, I wasn't addicted just invested. Grew out of it. I guess I don't know enough people to have ever met anyone else with issues with gaming. Especially not with social media, but I guess I tend to surround myself with others who also think most of it is pointless anyway. I still play video games whenever I can but I don't like how my depression ruins the fun so I tend to put it off, feel like I don't want to waste the experience. My goddamn cat woke me up at 6 am so here we are.
  11. Kinda interesting to see how the art changes from sketch to painting, I always like the sketch more.
  12. I watched Death note when I was 13 or 14 and it wasn't a big deal, but that was almost 10 years ago now and I can't remember what the show was actually like. I don't think it was like gory or anything. I guess the fact that nothing stands out from memory says something but idk. I would've let my sister watch it when she was that age though.
  13. It's contagious lol Idk, no reason I guess. Sometimes just feels odd that none of them speak like is common for this region.
  14. Yeah, I've heard of that dude a while back.. Anyway, random, but it kinda bothers me sometimes how none of my tulpas speak the same dialect as I do.
  15. I really like the idea of esperanto. It's just not something I'd ever really need I guess. I don't like traveling and I get enough social interaction with English and Finnish, so the only reason to really learn it for us would be "just because" : P Which is kind of a shame but I don't really mind.