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    Nosy, are you? ;) jk, hi.
    Since you're here, I'm a failed artist, an amateur writer, gamer and wiccan.
    I have six tulpas: Desmond, L, Nevira, Misa, Roska and Danyla.
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  1. I just used the general term because the education can lead to many different paths, I'm probably going to look into the florist path so that I can work at flower shops and stuff, or the path that leads to actual garden work growing food or flowers at a bigger garden. The path to taking care of public greenery is a separate one, I'm not into that at all.
  2. Actually no, I don't use reddit much. Not much but more than what I'm living on now, which is enough for me to be comfortable. And that's all that I really care about when it comes to money.
  3. Good thing plants have never been my hobby I guess. But I feel genuinely excited about this thing, but still somewhat pessimistic about my chances of getting in. Fingers crossed! I wish art would've worked out, I really want to contribute to game development and that's the only way I might've gotten in on that lol, I'm too dumb for anything else. edit: and I had a work trial at a garden about 1,5 years ago and really liked it, so I'm not diving into this completely blind
  4. I applied to a school to get an education in gardening. Getting a job in that profession is definitely more probable than in art, plus plants are nice and I've heard good things about it
  5. CM

    CM's Ramblings 2.0

    Something like that I guess, we'll see where it goes from here :D I haven't thought about it too hard yet, just knew that I wanted to do something like this.
  6. That depends on what's considered progress. If I make any with imposition, that'll go to my PR, or if anything notable changes. Mostly it's intended to be more like a blog, but that's almost what my PR had already turned into and I didn't like that : P
  7. CM

    CM's Ramblings 2.0

    Please forgive me the boring title, for a supposed artist I have a very limited imagination. This thread is a post-progress continuation of our tulpamancy journey. Since we no longer really have any progress to report, we figured it's best to move our stuff over here. The purpose of this thread is to post stuff that's related to our daily and personal lives, myself included, so it's bound to get off-topic. Especially now that I'm more heavily invested in my pagan path again, so that'll be a common theme I'm sure, especially since Danyla is also interested in that stuff. There will
  8. Yeah, that's also a good reason to just put it on here since it's still tulpamancy-related. Also kinda scared to leave this space with the topic lol I've gotten bad responses before and I'd rather not deal with it.
  9. Wondering if I should just make it a lounge thread instead... Would serve the same purpose and off-topic would be tolerated there as well...
  10. I kinda wanna start a blog type thing with my tulpas, kinda like what Bear's doing, to detail our daily life and my personal stuff that I wanna put out there, but... I can't come up with a domain name lol
  11. I got used to the dark theme's quirks I guess. Got nothing against light mode exactly, just really set in my ways and don't wanna change the look lol
  12. Antidepressants shouldn't affect tulpas, at least not in my experience. I've gone through several different types. Antipsychotics might have an effect on how well you can communicate with a tulpa, but for me that was only while I was adjusting to the new medication. Currently my antipsychotics have no effect on my tulpas. So I'd say keep them for now and see how things go. If you plan to stop them anyway, talk to your doctor about it and do it gradually. But try not to worry about tulpamancy progress. Everyone's experience is so different and others naturally take more time to dev
  13. Ugh I'm so sleepy. I just wanna take a nap but I know I wouldn't wake up before midnight if I fell asleep now.
  14. I'm sure as hell gonna give it a shot! I still have time to study a profession, once I figure out what I want or can do. I'm young enough to get government support for school, so should take advantage of that. Good luck!
  15. I'm really glad about it too. I might be just about ready to become a "productive member of society", finally
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