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    Nosy, are you? ;) jk, hi.
    Since you're here, I'm a failed artist, an amateur writer, gamer and wiccan.
    I have six tulpas: Desmond, L, Nevira, Misa, Roska and Danyla.
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  1. I just ordered a pizza lol. The guy on the phone didn't give me a chance to explain how to get to my apartment. Google maps shows the wrong end of this street when you search my address so I might have to walk over there to pick it up in about 40 minutes.
  2. Desmond: Why you guys gotta debate rn 'cause I'm bored so I'm here whining about it and I can't participate in stuff like this. Covid bad, trick or treating fun but probably risky.
  3. I'm glad trick or treating isn't a thing here. No need to stress about having to pretend to not be home or about the doorbell making my dog go crazy.
  4. I bought some candy and I already feel sick after eating a bit. I feel like that's a sign of adulthood, eugh.
  5. Desmond used to smell like this one tea that I haven't bought in ages so I kinda forgot the scent and it faded. Well, I bought some and I'm hoping it'll come back lol "Black tea and fresh quince and elderberry aromas" if anyone's interested, it's a nice tea
  6. I have never seen a snake in person. Maybe at a zoo when I was little but I have no memory of it lol EDIT: Oh wait yes I do! There was this one huge snake that was a bit of a celebrity 'cause it belonged to a touring amusement park thingy, idk what it's called in english
  7. Hi! And welcome to the forum!
  8. I had a fun evening, saw some relatives unexpectedly and had a lovely heart to heart conversation with a cousin I haven't talked to in quite a while.
  9. All songs are better in the shower! But I don't sing in the shower 'cause I'm afraid my neighbors will hear lol
  10. It somehow feels like my day hasn't even started yet even though it's 3 pm and I already got groceries too... Edit: ninja'd, didn't mean to seem like I just ignored all that. But I've got nothing to add either.
  11. 👋 lol I accidentally added an emoji and I can't get rid of it Look, I answered some of those questions in the post that you quoted. The ones that manage to get a gun? Unfortunate, but the number will be smaller than it is now. You can't prevent eveything but that does not mean you shouldn't try to minimize the harm. Who regulates guns? Probably the same people that do so now, just more strictly. It's clear you're not going to change your mind, and you're entitled to your opinion, so I'm not going to keep arguing 'cause it's pointless and tiring. I'm just giving my own opinion and trying to hold a conversation.
  12. "Well one guy used a knife" or "you can still commit crimes with other weapons" are rather weak arguements in my opinion. Sure you can, but it's nowhere near as easy or fast, and it's easier to fight back and subdue someone with a knife than someone who can shoot you before you reach them. Less guns or harder access to guns = less gun violence no matter how you look at it. They can be smuggled and traded, sure, but you can't seriously imagine that everyone would just have the means to get a gun illegally? If I've understood correctly, don't think anyone's arguing "take away all guns", it's more of a "make the regulations more strict so not just anyone can get their hands on one". Nothing against responsible gun owners who keep theirs properly, but I feel like the current situation over there is kinda ridiculous, from an outsiders perspective. Also, there's nothing wrong with using a script. It's actually smart to use one.
  13. Oh, believe me, I am. The stuff I hear makes me never even wanna visit tbh.
  14. Aw man, that video isn't available in my country...