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  1. Thanks for responding. I'd love to have the level of control that you seem to have. I saw your post about the potential dangers too, which helped reinforce the fact that I'll need to be careful. Though to be honest, you did do some pretty foolish things, but you seem to realize that already. Though you said you had made your "emotional dampener" back when you were still in high school. How long had you been practicing? :O
  2. Do you think being a natural multiple made it easier for you to create advanced servitors? How much harder do you think it would be for someone like me who wasn't born a multiple?
  3. You had that level of control over your mind and you were still in high school? When did you start practicing? Edit: Just realized I necro'd this thread. Sorry!
  4. That happens to us all the time. I'm glad to see it's not something to worry about.
  5. Anyone Know if we've gotten to Z yet? Even if we did start over after that?