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    Simple survey

    I'm not stupid, of course we'll will have had some of those symptoms. It's not binary.
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    Simple survey

    The survey is simply to look at the statistics of the site, I merely wanted to see the average time spent, the percentage of tulpamancers who test positive for warning signs of schizophrenia (which I didn't plan to be high), and the percentage of bronies in the subculture.
  3. Faust

    Simple survey

    Ach, I'm sorry about the symptoms question, I didn't think you would need to choose one. Also, this survey is not about your tulpa but about those who tulpaforce, which accounts for the last question.
  4. This is a simple survey I am conducting to supplement my study. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1YRlTl2j1L4w3B_RM9GIvjQMTwow9GIl71mzN7REQEbA/viewform
  5. Incorrect, that would violate the No-communication theorem. I'm not saying that you would have the "same" tulpa, or at least the same consciousness, but studying the transfer of information through a medium relating to the creation of a tulpa that I can relate to my notion of "natural" tulpae.
  6. Read up on physical information. I just said there must be a physical link, in the case of you reading my text, it's light waves that transmit the information, in other cases it's sound waves. There must always be a physical link. I just told you that information can't travel through vacuum, which is why it's impossible to use quantum entanglement for communication. Reading comprehension.
  7. You completely missed the point :P it isn't that they're hallucinations, it's that in their most condensed version, they're an abstract system of information, and from that consciousness arises. if the same system of information exists in my brain as it does as yours, they ARE the same. Information is substrate-independent, it can exist in two places at once. There is a flow of information from your brain to mine... Information can't flow through vacuum. It needs a physical medium.
  8. Allow me to explain my theory more in-depth. Simply put, I am constructing upon Tegmark's concept of "perceptronium", consciousness as matter with information processing abilities. I believe that we can also generalize "personality" and "self" as a structure of concepts and emotions (which can further be generalized to say, the information contained within a neurotransmitter's molecules and neurons in the brain). Humans have the ability to collect, store, and process this information - either from a primary source (ie, someone you know or knew) or secondary (ie, someone you learned about). Humans also have the ability to "project" this information - that is, hallucinate it, or subconsciously misperceive actual phenomena. These can also act as "natural tulpae", consciousnesses or simulated consciousnesses that are created naturally (like talking to a "ghost" through a Ouija board). "Artificial tulpae", or, the tulpae you all have created, can act as evidence for this - a separate consciousness created within one head that is projected. The experiment I presented to you all would create a shared tulpa. They are a hybrid of Primary and Secondary, you can actually perceive them and they do evolve "by themselves" but you also feed yourself the information. It is important to note that these tulpae are physically connected - information "flows" through a physical medium and comes from a source. You are all physically connected to me in a sense - my brain processes information, that flows as bio-electricity through my neurons and muscles, to type on my keyboard, that processes the kinetic energy to send a stream of electrons through the wires, to be saved as little rows of raised or flat bumps, where a mechanical hand will run along them and again send electrons to run through wires and Ethernet cables and fiber-optics. Your computer processes them and has your screen emit series of different wave-length photons, which hit the base of your eye(s) to send a signal to your brain to be processed. There is much more involved of course, but all has to do with physical information. A large part of the paper I am writing on this will be committed to the neuroscience, of course.
  9. But if my theory is correct, they won't be seperate. They'll create channels of information (in this case using the internet as a medium) that connects the physical system of information in their brains to each other. There is no such thing as "classical" spirits, but we're not talking about them.
  10. It's fine if you believe it's unethical, but I don't believe it is. My hypothesis is both psychological and metaphysical: Firstly, I believe spirits are a system of physical information that can create hallucinations or "projections". Whether or not they're conscious is another story, and I believe it boils down to philosophy and the definition of the "self". I believe that there are three forms of "spirit", based on the source of that information. that is Primary, Secondary and Hybrid. Primary would be if I knew someone and they died, and I began seeing their apparitions. Secondary would be if I heard legends of a spirit in a particular place, the information is second-hand. A hybrid would be both primary and secondary, you feed yourself the information (ie a Tulpa).
  11. The experiment itself is very simple and only involves "crowdsourcing" a tulpa per sae, you'll be given a partner and you'll attempt raising a tulpa with each other. This is to test my interpretation of both tulpae and paranormal phenomena. I will also devise a procedure to test each newly-formed tulpa for consciousness (how actually conscious they are, the CIS [Consciousness Integer Scale]) and "pseudoconsciousness" (how conscious they appear, the PCIS [Pseudoconsciousness Integer Scale]) on a scale of 0 to 10, 0 being inanimate and 10 being a fully developed human. The average of these scores (the PCCCIS, Pseudoconsciousness-Consciousness Comparison Integer Scale) will be compared with each other.
  12. I need ten subjects for a simple experiment. This will be in a scientific environment. PM me or reply here. This will be a 3 week study.