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    Any finns around?

    We have the local forum at www.tulpa.palstani.com which you all are probably aware of, but it's quite dead nowadays and consists mostly of underage and/or those who cannot read/write english that well to follow this one. I recognize few nicknames that appear also in here. I recently turned 30 and only a while ago heard about tulpae. I haven't had the time to create one yet as it's been quite hectic, wouldn't do justice to tulpa, but I've read and researched quite a bit about the subject and feel ready to start :) I've created a #tulpa.fi channel on irc.tulpa.im if anyone's interested to
  2. Yeah, the "personality rarely changes after xx years" is a bit too bold claim. Of course, most of the turmoil and "finding yourself" happens while you are teen, but your personality keeps molding as life and time goes by for a lifetime and major life-changing events (trauma, becoming a parent, retiring from work and anything that causes introspection to ensue) can change it quite radically. I was more concerned on neuroplasticity. A child's brain is like playdough, allowing them to easily adapt to any task and learn new things like languages extremely fast. If an older adult has never
  3. Not necessarily. I've had WILD after being awake for about 80 hours (I was in the army at the moment, 3 week military exercise in the woods and our unit was short on men). I was already so tired that I had started to get hallucinations with open eyes and nodding off to sleep if I stayed stationary for any period of time, even while standing. Finally my relieve came and I got the chance for some R&R. I laid down, closed my eyes and in about 10 (!) seconds I felt like I was falling through the earth with extreme velocity. This feeling was so intense I honestly thought "this is it, I'm dying"
  4. I can't advice you on tulpa-induced lucid dream (TILD?) as I haven't got one yet, but I have quite a lot of experience from lucid dreams themselves. Even if I learned about them at young age (to escape nightmares), it never occured to me to actively "see" them until much later. I never bothered with complex reality cheks, I just thought about the POSSIBILITY of lucid dreams each day (and especially right before going to sleep), that you can suddently realize the fact that you are dreaming when things seem strange/impossible. Takes a lot less time and effort than tulpaforcing and you should
  5. From the recent Tulpa study: "The age range of interviewed Tulpamancers was 14 to 34 years, with most falling in the 19 to 23 range.". After we reach 20 years of age or so, we start to lose neuroplasticity, the brain's structure is more or less permanent. For example, our personality rarely changes after 25 years of age. But we are still able to learn new stuff, albeit more slow if the thing is entirely new, nothing stops you from picking up guitar when you are 50, but of course the learning is easier the earlier you start. So, what I want to ask from older tulpamancers (preferably with
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