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  1. I have now revised my guide based on your advice. I would really appreciate a second glance.
  2. Thank you all for your kind words and advice. I was being rushed by somebody at the time of writing and so a proof read was not an option. After re-reading I can see my errors and what needs to be expanded upon, I will do an edit this afternoon once I finish my work (around 1800GMT).
  3. Meditation (Second Revision) To begin with I would like to say that I am not an experienced "tulpamancer" like a lot of you but I have been lurking and using all the guides here and I wanted to give something back. I have been Meditating for years now. I have a BSc in psychology and I studied for 6 months under a monk in Bangkok Thailand who is very renowned for his techniques in meditation and I have taught many people and now I would like to share what I learned but only the points that I think useful to a "tulpamancer". I have been using my techniques for the creation of my tulpa and the immersion into my wonderland has become a lot stronger than I even thought possible in only 3 days. I'm now at a point where it feels like I'm in a lucid dream and here is how I did it: Posture Now most of you probably think you know a thing or two about Meditative posture and I'm sure you do but re-learning basics always helps refresh your mind and remember whats important. Now I see many meditative beginners slouching and hunching: To be honest through much hard work you could still achieve some altered states of consciousnesses in this posture but why make it harder for yourself? I won't bore you with yoga like instructions but here are the basics: Never let your back out of it's natural curve. Always keep your pelvis higher than your knees The body must be in alignment Relax!!! I'm not asking you to be in full lotus but following the 3 keys you could even meditate in a normal dining chair as long as you don't lean on the back. For meditation on the floor (Recommended) a Zafu or meditation cushion or anything to bring your pelvis above your knees but sitting directly onto the floor will leave you in agony within a short amount of time. Relax!!! Now for some reason this doesn't always occur to everybody but the biggest tip I can give to anybody is relax. In order to meditate more effectively you need to forget about your physical body and focus internally and the only way to do that is to relax! You all probably know this technique but here it is once again: Begin by being in our posture and working your way up, starting with your toes just allow gravity to take a hold of them and let the tension naturally fall away. Moving onto your feet and legs you're looking for those tiny bits of tension in your body. With the correct posture as previously outlined your body won't slouch your head can balance perfectly on your shoulders without falling forwards and your back can remain straight. With the back straight and the body aligned your breathing will naturally fall very shallow allowing you to ignore it along with your physical body. State of Mind There are so many states of consciousness that can be reached through meditation and hundreds of texts attempting to describe them. Personally I always think their descriptions missing something and so have decided it's a very personal experience. Let's get back to "tulpaforcing". As I have previously stated I am not a very experienced "tulpamancer" but, having lurked on this forum for sometime I have established that the most important factor in "tulpaforcing" is concentration. The key to concentrating inwards (meditation) is giving the mind the freedom to let go of physical stimuli through posturing (for comfort and staying awake) and relaxing the body. Do you find stray thoughts popping up? Make sure there is no tension in your body by working your way from your toes to your scalp just like before, allowing gravity to take hold and refocusing on your intent (your tulpa). Stray thoughts are normal (even if they're in the background), always bring your focus back to your tulpa, try not to get frustrated (remember to relax even your mind). With everything in this guide you will be able to visualize stronger (the fact that your physical body can mentally stop existing, you can become immersed into your visualization, into your own wonderland). It makes you focus harder and it becomes easier to concentrate making the hard work of "tulpamancing" just that little bit easier and without having to become a meditation master. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions.
  4. Hi, I am 23 years old and have been studying the "esoteric" since I can remember (My father taught me since I was 5) Tulpas (Plural?) being something I have known of for a long time but never actually tried creating until a few days ago. I wanted to research a little more on the subject when I discovered this forum (which I think is incredible). I have been lurking and shall be lurking for some time but I will try to post when I can, if I think I can help. Regards