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  1. Just visualizing the details is hard and it's annoying to the point of a major distraction. I didn't really get one. That was the thing, I felt like I wasn't talking to her, just myself. This is getting better now though. Fourth Posting: So something changed the past few days and suddenly I no longer feel like I'm talking to myself. There are times I feel her "essence" and then start talking, and it no longer feel like talking to myself. I'm getting incomplete thoughts and flashes of images which I guess is called Tulpish? Anyway, that's what I'm getting now. However, it very eas
  2. Yea, I had thought about that earlier. I've been bringing candy of all sorts the past few days, but nothing. I will keep trying. Third posting: Been trying to force for the past few days and I only last night was I able to talk to her. I have a hard time focusing on my wonderland, which I don't understand, it's someplace I'd want to be but every time I try to focus on it I'm dropped out of meditation. Which is really frustrating because I don't have a lot of time to force. After hearing her the other day, I no longer felt her around. I didn't feel her essence anywhere, which is norma
  3. Second posting: I did a wonderland session mostly to check out the cabin that I added, although it turned into a forcing session as Sara was there. I talked to her a bit about skyrim sessions I played with her as my character. She was definitely there with me but her form was more ethereal and a feeling then her actual form. But, narrating to her is still awkward for me. I feel like I'm recounting stories to myself that I obviously already remember. I tried to walk through the cabin to see it but maybe I didn't do enough preperations, like a floor plan, because I was taken right out of w
  4. Updates to the main post. I'll try to keep it updated with my overall progress on a semi-regular basis.
  5. Thanks Might do this actually, I have a few book she'd might like actually. This is a really good idea.... I'll try this later today when forcing. Thanks :D
  6. This is to keep a log of my progress with my half-assed attempts with creating a tulpa Sara. Background I have been using a personal character archetype named Sara for various RPGs and games for a long time. I started using this archetype 5ish years ago originally in a game just for something different to be looking at. It felt right so I kept using it. Eventually I used it in something that needed personality. It has gotten to a point where today she feels like a real person, just one that I don't know very well. Form A redhead woman, about 17, with loose curls and at times with a
  7. Maybe I'm mixing up my terms, what would be the difference between puppeting and parroting?
  8. So I've decided to make a tulpa, why else would I be here? Anyway, I already have a feel for her standing behind me, I feel her "essence" (for lack of a better word) there. I already have a good idea of her personality and form (a little like Merida from Brave), just not very fleshed out. I use her as my "muse" for video game and tabletop characters, who all tend to be very close to her. I can see her briefly when I do the turn around quickly trick from Fede's guide. I think she's been with me for awhile now, just more of a shadow. I want to make her more real. A few questions I had now
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