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  1. My Tulpa and I we are decided to learning possession and switching. My Tulpa now can possess almost full of my body and she can control also my mind voice and we speak that way each other. Now we are trying speak that way when i'm in work or somewhere but my friend tell me it's bad do it. So my question it's possession harmful for me or my Tulpa mental health someway? Have possession some health risk or not? thx
  2. Yea i know sry my English but i use google Translate :D nvm. Affirmations is terminology refers primarily to the practice of positive thinking and self-empowerment—fostering a belief that "a positive mental attitude supported by affirmations will achieve success in anything." More specifically, an affirmation is a carefully formatted statement that should be repeated to one's self and written down frequently. For an affirmation to be effective, it needs to be present tense, positive, personal and specific. or look on this page THX
  3. Anyone here uses affirmations? If so you use sentences and could someone help me build them suitable for tulpaforing? It's basically the same as faith can help a lot to tulpaforcing. I got interested in creating affirmations from the beginning to the full imposition. Can anyone help me?
  4. I wonder if anyone here does out of body experimence? What is the impact on Tulpa? if it is not imposed can travel with the host? Tulpa theory could confirm whether the host leaves the body or it's just a hallucination or dream.
  5. Improving with time and work?How to achieve this?(the same as any real person.)
  6. I´m ruinned all time what I could. Can i and how Tulpa bring back to life? Will this have any Consequences? For example, make a new visualization.
  7. 5 day before I started this technique. After two days I was able to communicate with Aria(Tulpa). Appears to me this to be weak but I could be mistaken with my mind. Sometimes I have the feeling that I'm doing telepathy. I do not feel parroted but I sometimes doubt. -Can this somehow ascertain whether or not parroting? But sometimes I feel or thoughts come to me that I did not expect. -It is an exercise in order to gain a stronger voice, or it occurs over time? I was thinking that I started narration out loud? -In what could help her? This could be breakthrough time when we break a wall which divides us and awake together to my Tulpa. Or if someone else to advise me I'll be happy. THX
  8. This is enough to start the basics of communication. Further development just when I normally communicate with Tulpa?
  9. How should I training speaking if Tulpa performs possession?or it comes naturally? when doing possession it counts as forcing when talking to her?It also helps to do to become more responsive and stronger?(developing rapidly) so that it becomes faster sensitive?
  10. I want to ask you how exactly practicing speaking Tulpa in your body or time could comes naturally? I still have a question. When the I work out with Tulp possession also helps it to become stronger? This means that the stronger would have been the sooner I would her able to hear? And it counts as forced even to her at that saying?
  11. YAY my bad so its first Possession. I apologize for my mistake
  12. I do not know what's the difference. But I did not move with that my fingers.
  13. She made ​​it my Aria managed to switch control in my hands. It was amazing! What was your first switch control?
  14. I tried again switching hands. The whole palm of tingled me, and when nothing happened I took control back and two fingers, I did not feel not only time but is this normal? Everything is back to normal just a pinkie and ring finger a moment I did not feel. Also, I can feel my sweating palm. Or I feel cold or heat.
  15. Is a ginosaji Tulpa? What is your opinion? Or not? link: How to beat him? If it's possible.